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Who is pleinelune?

Pleinelune was a nickname I came up with two years ago, in crafting a new online identity for myself. At that time, I was closetted, and was paranoid about people finding out, so I created and maintained two separate online identities – one for people who didn’t know I was queer [which was almost everyone], and one for people who did, as an anonymity feature.

It has been two years, I am out of the closet to everyone except my family. Actually I am not even sure why I keep using pleinelune anymore – almost everyone knows who has heard the name pleinelune, knows who she is in real life. They have seen her at talks, forums and in photographs, and for the lucky ones, in a cheongsam. They have hated her, gossipped about her, and dragged her into drama she had nothing to do with.

Ms C asked me some time ago how well-known I was. I honestly have NO idea about that. My name appeared on Fridae, albeit without a photograph due to a mixup with the writer. I’ve been on a panel for a couple of talks [to small audiences], and recenty I was involved in BiFocal and Contradiction. The definite answer is that the activist community knows that this girl called Indu exists, but I have absolutely no idea about the larger gay community – it is better for my own sanity to assume I am unknown outside the Sayoni circle.


September 3, 2007 - Posted by | Random Musings

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