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Instiki, for some obscure reason, completely stopped working for me a couple of days ago. Refused to access my stored info.  And the version I  was forced to use instead of 0.11, 0.10.2 had faulty backup code, so I couldn’t even retrieve the data.

Which means of course, I’ve lost my notes for the past month, before I got a chance to capture or print the pages. [I was planning to do it a few hours before it crashed, I swear!]

I’m still convinced that the basic principle is sound though, of using wiki to organise my notes. Which, hence, led me to the search for a better solution. I spent the better part of my night trying to install a local wiki, using PmWiki or Socialtext. Which didn’t work out because I couldn’t figure out how to execute chmod or install Postgresql. I went as far as modifying my Apache though, so currently I have a working localhost server, albeit no content. I stayed up until 3 am trying to do all that.

Then I decided to just screw it, and use the free hosted wiki that Socialtext provides. It has a component to work offline anyway, and has the ability to export pages to Word or PDF, something Instiki was sorely lacking. It is also easier to edit, as it is WYSIWYG editor, but combined with wiki functionality.

As for the lost notes, I guess I must thank the geek gods that it has only been 1 month, and the notes aren’t all that substantial. I can easily get the same information from mugger notes from seniors, and since I still remember most of it, can fill things in. I will consider this a sign from the geek gods, giving me an impetus to find a more reliable solution. Especially as I’ve been scared of my mac crashing on me any day, taking my data with it. Socialtext can preserve my data even if my baby decides to go into the light one day.


September 9, 2007 - Posted by | Geek

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