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Making a Mockery of Democracy

No, not referring to Singapore politics. Something of far less import: the elections for the class committee for our faculty, ie, electing the people who will be saddled with a lot of work and no conceivable reward, and the people who will be tasked with organising freshman orientation next year. A task, in my opinion, that should be left to people with no life and no love.

Given how my batch has been reacting with complete apathy to everything, you would have thought that the seniors would have figured out that they weren’t going to get any volunteers for this post. Or maybe they could have figured it out when half the class emptied out when they were asked to stay for the elections.

Eventually the people came back for the next lecture, and the election process turned into an exercise in mass sabotage. Many unwilling people got elected [my name was called by a few jokers, but I determinedly went down and erased it from the board], and I shudder to think of the fate of the freshies next year.

If last year’s committe was elected in a similar fashion, that would explain why our orientation this year was abysmally bad, and hence has led to the extreme apathy in our batch. There is no sense of belonging, no sense of community in order for people to want to do something. Vicious cycle, it would seem.

 Addendum: I’ve been informed that the election for FOCC is a separate matter. But my initial observation stands… if this is how they elect people in general, then how reliable is it?

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  1. Hi,

    Just to check with you, did you go for Law camp or just matric week only? I’m just curious because you seem to think that orientation was a failure, and it would be surprising if you had gone for Law camp too.

    Anyway I’ve read the rest of your entries. I’ve got to say that I’m impressed with your writings so far.

    – a friendly year 2-

    Comment by zz | October 31, 2007 | Reply

  2. I didn’t go for law camp – but other people I know who went for law camp are equally as enthusiastic as me, in general.

    Why does everyone sign off with “a friendly year [insert number]”? Some kind of weird law tradition I dont know about? LOL.

    Comment by pleinelune | October 31, 2007 | Reply

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