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Of Seers and Horoscopes

My mother stole into my room just now, prefaced with “I have to tell you something”. She then proceeded to tell me that I should not break any laws in the near future, because my horoscope said it was a bad time for me, and even predicted a possible arrest. Apparently, I was fated to have a great and successful career after this, and she told me not to do anything to ruin that. She was rather vague on how long this bad patch was supposed to last.

I guess that means I should try not to run off with my clients’ money in the future.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out I am no believer in Astrology and all that crap. [For those interested, I am a Sagitarrius by the Zodiac calendar, and a Rabbit by the Chinese one.] But it does amuse me whenever astrology happens to coincide with real-life in ways that would seem to lend astrology some credence, but really, it is all coincidence.

To give an example of this, Ms C and I were sitting at Crossroads, and a passing “holy man” offered her a reading. He said many things, but what I remembered was that he declared a mismatch between her birthdate and her ex’s birthdate, and declared them mismatched. Which, in my opinion is the truth [as to them being mismatched] but simply backed up by the wrong kind of proof . To his credit, he had no idea the birthdate belonged to her ex, so he wasn’t twisting his answers. Not to his credit, though, he took 10 dollars for his services.

Coincidences occur. And people tend to look at what fits rather than what doesn’t – if a horoscope says XXX sign is passionate, impulsive and outgoing, and you fit two of the descriptions, you would automatically think the horoscope fits you, ignoring the one that doesn’t. Or you try to conform or interpret it such a way that it fits you.

At the end of the day, astrology exists for the same reason religion exists: to bring certainty and order to life which would be otherwise scarily unpredictable. People want to think there is a plan, a destiny for them. People want to think there is someone “made” for them. This would be much easier than facing up to life and taking it with all its unpredictability, to walk into the swirly mist of the future with no idea or confidence in what lies ahead.

Not that anything is wrong with it: some people can only live this way, and I will not begrudge them this existence. But I would prefer not to be subject to it.

P.S. Even coincidence, however, can’t explain this mystery: the link between Scorpios and Bipolar disorder. Based purely on anecdotal evidence, almost every person with Bipolar disorder I’ve known is a Scorpio. Unfailingly, this link keeps cropping up. I sincerely hope someone will do some research into this, because the link is simply fascinating. Obviously not all Scorpios are bipolar, and vice versa.


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