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Pool and Indian Guys

What have they got to do with each other? Well, when a bunch of graduate law students from North India troop into the undergraduate student lounge and start playing pool, those two phrases are able to appear in the same sentence. And trust me, the only thing funnier than hearing them banter rapidly in Hindi is watching Russell Peters.

These were actually nice Indian guys… almost every other Indian dude I meet pervs at me, or hits on me. Or is just so bloody annoying that I can’t wait to get away from him. I haven’t had many good experiences with them in the past, so  I have my reservations in interacting with Indian guys in general. These were nice and respectful ones, and gamely allowed me to play pool with them. They are even nicer than the dudes from the Gangs of Law School who hang out in the undergrad lounge [yes, the ones who sabotaged nominated me for class vice-chair].

P.S. Yes, for those who are checking the date, I DID go back to school on a Saturday. So shoot me.


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