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Two Countries and a Blog


I was looking up the Pedra Banca for International Law, and I came across this and this. I think it has already made its rounds in the bloggosphere, but I must have missed it. I am ashamed to admit I have not been following the Pedra Banca issue in the papers with the interest every law student should possess. Mostly because I hate reading ST, and secondly because of exams. I didn’t even get the mountain reference in the MrBrown show because of that.

Anyway, the links are about how the Malaysian government used a photo taken from a blog [of all things!] to justify their case for PB, and how it possibly might be a complete bogus. Looking at the blog and reading Simplyjean’s entry, I have to concur. The original blog was set up very recently [which is rather suspicious] and talks exclusively about lighthouses, in every one of its (very few) posts. Now, I have seen some very strange websites and blogs, but a blog about lighthouses, if it is for real, takes the cake. At least, couldn’t they [whoever THEY are] bribe an existing blogger to put up this photo? You could bribe Kenny Sia, that would at least make it appear a lot more credible [sorry Kenny… not saying you are corrupt, just that you are famous and the only Malaysian blogger I know of].

Okay, back to mugging the rest of International Law.


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Wedding in the Family

My second eldest cousin is getting married soon, right about the time I’ll be in India. It is my understanding that this wedding is somewhat controversial, not so much because it is a love marriage – that particular trail was blazed by her brother and even a generation earlier by one of our aunts, and of course my mother. It is because no one approves of the groom very much. But what cares love of the opinion of other people, even if it has been said that the groom is ugly, economically unreliable and unrealistic? [Not my own words or opinion, by the way – I don’t even know the dude.]

Everyone in the extended family [except maybe her mother], however, supports this as her own decision and wishes her good luck. I have to quote my father on this, when he made a hilarious and oh-so-true remark that it was “better to let the kids find their own partner, because then they couldn’t blame the parents for a failed marriage.”

My parents dropped the inter-caste marriage bomb more than 20 years ago on their family, and my eldest cousin dropped the inter-racial one [and he will be dropping the now-divorced-with-a-girlfriend bomb in a few weeks too]. I am hoping that by the time all my cousins are married and already caused their own scandals, me marrying a woman won’t seem so outrageous. Unless one of my cousins come out first [now THAT would be interesting].

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Parodying the Horror

A parody of the MDA rap is already out. I wonder if they are going to be sued for defamation and copyright infringement too.

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Some people are lucky

… like Ebelle

I am officially jealous, and I’m going to reiterate my long-standing complaint here.

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Ups and Downs

I don’t know about the rest of you, but if I were earning 1.9 million a year in a cushy government job which I know for sure I am not going to get voted out of, I would hardly be tempted by offers from the private sector which may promise higher pay but longer hours, more stress and way less job security. And I would also think that if you are already earning that much per year, then a few additional hundred thousand dollars wouldn’t make much of a difference in making you stay, unless in deciding whether you are going to buy that extra Mercedes Benz for your daughter who’s barely got a driving license.

You know what would make a difference? Supplementing the income for over-worked and under-paid social workers, topping up the CPF for old folks who barely have enough to buy a new pair of clothes, giving kids who have drug-addict or alchoholic parents a few pennies for lunch money.

What’s that you say? No poverty in Singapore? Barely 100 metres away from where I live in my comfortable condominium, are the blocks of flats with one of the poorest families in Singapore. Even if they have enough to eat, they certainly don’t have enough to keep up with their mortgage payments. Their children grow up without education, or drop out and get a baby as birthday present. And the vicious cycle continues.

I’ve a feeling no one in the upper echelons of the government has actually spent a few minutes with social workers. It is a depressing exercise, to hear the stories the counselors and home-workers tell, to hear about the crushing poverty and accompanying dysfunctionality. About the students who don’t attend school because they don’t have recess money. About how they fall by the wayside, because they can’t make it in the fast-paced education system. About the student who is forced to work in KFC just to make sure her family can pay the rent, and then having a drug-addict mother who steals that money.

Before you tell me about how 1.2 million isn’t enough, and you are completely entitled to 2.2 million per year, please, I beg you, go talk to these social workers. Just a few minutes of your 1.9-million-a-year time.

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“Yes yes y’all” Returns

I agree with Mr Brown, MDA should so sue KRS-One for infringing their copyright. They are after the first and original creators of the chorus of “yes yes y’all”, complete with the bling-bling and super-man costumes.

Anything to maintain our reputation as a vibrant and creative city.

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Tequila and Brandi

Alright, so there are 4 people left, and adorable Brandi left the show out of her own volition [you stupid stupid girl!]. Which was the biggest mistake, in my opinion, because Brandi stood a real good chance of making the final two, compared to Amanda [who is seriously just a blonde bimbo], and whats-his-face Ryan, who is just boring. Dani is cute and sweet, but too much so. While even I would date Ms Androgynous-Firefighter because she is so sweet and nice, I don’t see how it can lead to a passionate relationship, because I am very likely to ditch her for the next hot, voluptuous lipstick lesbian brunette who comes along, say, Brandi. At this point, it seems pretty clear that Tila is going to pick Bobby in the end. He’s cute, but a little too young, in my opinion. But of course, I am watching A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, not A Shot At Love with Pleinelune Perry.

Okay, doesn’t take a genius to guess that I am totally rooting for Brandi. Come on, both girls are named after alcoholic beverages! That’s got to be a sign from the person up there in an angel-outfit calculating people’s compatibility. Tila was totally stupid to not let her back in, in my opinion, but then we all know Tila is somewhat unforgiving and princessy

The missus will probably kick my ass for saying this… but dear Brandi, if you ever do get over Tila, and if I were single, you are always welcome on the show A Shot At Love with Pleinelune Perry. And I promise I’ll let you back in even if you run away, because I am a lot more forgiving than Tila.

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J Kirby fires the parting shot

I am fast becoming a big fan of J Michael Kirby, judge of the High Court of Australia. In his long article about religious freedom related to the Lina Joy issue [in Malaysia], he makes a passing comment about Ms Thio’s remarks in parliament related to the 377A issue. [I am not posting the relevant except here, go read it yourself. Here’s a clue, Ctrl-F “Dr Thio”]

Actually it is more than passing – he quotes her speech quite a bit, and makes a remark so acid that I have to wonder whether there isn’t a hole burned into the paper.

*bows to His Honour* Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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When trying to be hip doesn’t work

Watching this MDA Management Rap is a little bit like cringing when your ageing mother or father consults a book on “Teenage slangs of the 21st century” and bursts out with “yo da best, dawg!” with a Cantonese accent when you come home with an A on your test. Actually it is a lot worse than that, because even the most enthusiastic parents wouldn’t try and “shake it” to a badly-written and composed rap song that sounds like they are reading off from a management brief.

The whole video is such a train wreck, that I don’t even know where to begin. Excruciatingly painful might begin to cover it, but that doesn’t come close to the horror and jaw-hanging I experienced when watching this. There is nothing worse than watching aged, balding chinese men (and women) in suits and ties trying to boogie [Not that it would be any better if it were people of other races – which actually there were none in the entire video]. Actually there is, and that is actually listening to them (trying to) rap with their colloquial accents. The music might have made the cut [only because I like the saxophone/trombone lead-in], but that doesn’t compensate for the rest of the trainwreck.

And they had the audacity to make a scene where this video is featured as one of the most popular videos on Youtube.

Actually, thinking about it, it just might be, because every other blogger is talking about it – but for all the wrong reasons. Better infamous than unknown? That’s for them to decide.

Isn’t it highly ironic, and sort of alarming, that MDA, the organisation entrusted with developing and promoting media in Singapore, and especially Singapore-made content, can’t even make a decent promotional ad that isn’t highly reminiscent of some secondary-school kids experimenting with iMovie? I mean, doesn’t SOMEONE at the organisation realise that this is a Very Bad Idea and should be throw in the digital trash as soon as possible? If they had shown it to at least one teenager before it was released, they could have avoided this PR disaster.

I am guessing not, and that leads to an even more sobering conclusion: the MDA is completely out of touch with what Singaporeans want and like.

And I thought the nightmare had reached its zenith when the PAP leaders decided to do hip-hop dancing at Chingay.

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Depressed in Singapore

Singapore Legal System, affectionately known as SLS, is a depressing subject to study for. I am sitting here at my computer trying to make a timeline of Singapore’s socio-political history, with all the things they DON’T teach you in secondary school social studies. Wikipedia has such a list, but it is highly unhelpful as it does not include all the political scandals such as those of JBJ and Francis Seow.


And trust me when I say this, that is the most depressing exercise one can go through.


Maybe I’ll post the list here after I am done.


Damn SLS, I had vowed not to get into political blogging at all. Someone slap me if I stray.

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