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Choosing Life over Death?

I wanted to attend Prof Michael Hor’s seminar on the death penalty, but I couldn’t… [go ahead and make a wild guess as to why I couldn’t… go on… here’s a hint, it starts with L and ends with R]. YawningBread has a good article on it, though.

I’ve always been neutral to the death penalty issue, partly because I don’t know enough for me to make a judgement on it. I am not particularly sympathetic to criminals in general [though, with the 377A, I happen to know and love  lot of them]. In an Orwellian moment, I did write a story about two women on the deathrow [but I got the legal points wrong], in an effort to explore what it meant to be condemned to death, and forming human connections in the last days of your life.

I am someone who places much value on life, however. My pacifist leanings arise out of this [more on that another day], and while I might have killed 50 million bad guys on WoW, that is a far cry from what I consider acceptable in real life.

Tangentially related to this, I watched The Brave One a couple of weeks ago – Jodi Foster [looking really sexy] going around killing hoodlums and the scum of the earth, whom I didn’t feel very sorry for. But her behaviour is not something I condone either – scum as they are, they too are human and deserve a chance at rehabilitation.

Conclusion? I do not know – this is something that merits much research and discussion before I form a stand.


November 9, 2007 - Posted by | Law

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