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Some Changes

I will be moderating all comments from now on. This is not to curb freedom of speech, trust me, because even if you say something I don’t like, I will either ignore you or tear your argument to pieces, depending on my mood. I’ve been practicing and open-comment policy all this while, but I realise that this leaves me open to (vicarious) liability. Hence unless you are you posting something that is defamatory to any one other than myself, or is explicit hate speech, I will let things through. This is not something I am particularly happy about, partly due to the hassle of having to moderate comments, and partly because I put a premium on freedom of speech. So to save myself and yourself a lot of trouble, I highly recommend you keep your comments liability-free.

Secondly, I will be occasionally posting some password-protected entries. My friends, if you are interested, can ask me for the password personally. This is not so much as to protect any secrets (there is no such thing on the internet, hence I am not posting any anyway) as to spare my readers any emo-ness. If you somehow manage to hack in without the password, congratulations to you and your superior tech skills: but it ain’t going to benefit you anyway.


November 10, 2007 - Posted by | Announcements

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