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Two Countries and a Blog


I was looking up the Pedra Banca for International Law, and I came across this and this. I think it has already made its rounds in the bloggosphere, but I must have missed it. I am ashamed to admit I have not been following the Pedra Banca issue in the papers with the interest every law student should possess. Mostly because I hate reading ST, and secondly because of exams. I didn’t even get the mountain reference in the MrBrown show because of that.

Anyway, the links are about how the Malaysian government used a photo taken from a blog [of all things!] to justify their case for PB, and how it possibly might be a complete bogus. Looking at the blog and reading Simplyjean’s entry, I have to concur. The original blog was set up very recently [which is rather suspicious] and talks exclusively about lighthouses, in every one of its (very few) posts. Now, I have seen some very strange websites and blogs, but a blog about lighthouses, if it is for real, takes the cake. At least, couldn’t they [whoever THEY are] bribe an existing blogger to put up this photo? You could bribe Kenny Sia, that would at least make it appear a lot more credible [sorry Kenny… not saying you are corrupt, just that you are famous and the only Malaysian blogger I know of].

Okay, back to mugging the rest of International Law.


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