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Hope Concert

Hope Concert

Please try to spread this around to your friends and support this concert if you can.

This was previously banned by the MDA back in 2005, and that’s what first propelled me into HIV/AIDS work, with AFA. Now they have issued a restricted license for this. I would understand why a play such as Happy Endings: Asian Boys Vol 3 would have an R18 rating, but not why an innocent concert like this, which features no nudity/semi-nudity or sexual references, no mature themes, no references to homosexuality deserves the same. The reason given by the MDA is that performers are a gay couple, and this also means that they are not allowed to advertise in mainstream media.

So now people need to be 18 and above just to see two gay people sing on stage? That would mean you would have to have granted King Lear a R18 license too, because Sir Ian Mckellen is an out and proud gay man. You would need to restrict almost 90% of the plays in Singapore, because, dude, you ain’t going to find a play which doesn’t have a gay actor.

If it doesn’t have a gay theme or character in the first place.

So when the local stages, which have more potential to “corrupt” people, are given so much more leeway, why is a concert, which is far cleaner than Christina Aguilera parading half-naked on stage in front of hundreds of people and singing about sex, treated so badly?

The license defies reasoning, especially as this concert, unlike the Christina Aguilera tour where she makes all the money, aims to raise money for HIV/AIDS prevention. There is a strong social purpose, which makes it all the more imperative that they organisers be allowed to advertise in mainstream media and not have such a restrictive license.

And actions like this, is why rapping isn’t going to make MDA cool.

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