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The Token Bimbo Post

I claim to be a fashionista on my “About”, but so far I have yet to prove my bimbo-ness. I am really not the thick-spectacled, braces-wearing nerd you would imagine me to be by reading this blog. [Seriously! I am not!]

The sample make-up kit I ordered from arrived. Yes, that’s right, I am a great minerals make-up aficionado. Ever since I switched in August, I can’t stand the thought of normal make-up touching my skin. Even when I lost my foundation [there was still 90% left!], I decided not to get a normal foundation as replacement. But I didn’t want to go back and buy from SkinStory, where they sell Alima cosmetics [located in Central, chinatown], because the range they have there is extremely limited [especially for my skin tone], and it is marginally more expensive. I didn’t want to settle for a non-suitable tone again, so I decided to give Everyday Minerals a try.

Their sample kit, consisting of 5 items which you can choose yourself, is absolutely free, which means you only pay for the shipping. Which, in my case was about 7 SGD. Not only that, the “sample” kits are pretty generous – I could probably make one foundation jar last at least one month. And they come in these absolutely cute, gorgeous little jars that even my sister liked.


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The Science of Love

From the Dr of Love herself…

QT: I always read studies, which of course you can’t take too seriously, but there are studies saying gays are more inclined to be drug addicts or are more inclined to have risky sex. Obviously there are social factors to be taken into account, but is there any study of dopamine or any other chemical like that in gay people?

HF: I have no idea. For example, you don’t find the risky sex in gay women, but I think that may be a very different biological system. We hear about all the gays that are copulating under the pier in Province Town, but we don’t hear about all the gays who are settled down. We don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the huge number of swingers and polyamory people and adultery in the straight population. I’ve always felt that gays are just like straights. Who you fall in love with, that would differ, but how you feel when you fall in love – that would be similar. I did a basic study and didn’t find that my gay population chose their mates any differently than the straights. In other words, a high dopamine type is probably going to go for another high dopamine type whether they’re gay or whether they’re straight.


QT: Do you think that’s an evolutionary development to find one other person?

HF: No. I think that’s human. 97% of animals do not pair up to rear their young. Only 3% do. We do. Even 3 million years ago, our ancestors were forming pair bonds. Now, they weren’t marrying, because that’s a cortical, conscious ritual, but they were forming pair bonds to rear their babies as a group. We’ve evolved this brain system for attachment. I think that gays have it, too. About a month ago, when there was a lot of publicity, I called our CEO and said, “Let’s pull our gay people and look at who they choose”. So that I can say to the press, “The gays choose exactly the same as the straights do”.

You can find the full interview with Queerty here.

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It’s All Because…

The gays are getting married!

I wish some rabid anti-gay family-values people would see this and realise how silly they are.

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