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This dude, worship_issach is so freaking phenomenal that I am officially jealous of the way he shakes his booty. I couldn’t do that if I tried, and I am a woman, and been dancing on my own since I could appreciate music

What I found disturbing was people’s responses to his talent – “dude, you are so gay”. Okay, he probably is, and I could tell that a mile away from his photograph. But how is that relevant to anything? The fact of the matter is, boys and girls, that he can out-dance you and all your friends put together. So, saying things like “you are a disgrace to the male gender”, and “fagg boy you are so gay I almost threw up” does not negate that fact. Or make you better than him. [You can say that AFTER you shake your booty better than him.

And once again, it is male chauvinism in action. Society reacts in a certain manner when masculinity is threatened, or when individual males choose to emulate female characteristics. They are horrified that a man would possibly want to give up his masculinity which makes him “superior” to females and femininity. This goes to the root of homophobia, of the straight male repulsion towards homosexuality, as an affront to his own masculinity

Gay much? Maybe, but why is that a bad thing?

December 6, 2007 - Posted by | Feminism, LGBTQ | , , , ,

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  1. This guy can BELLY DANCE! Woho~~~
    He might feel at home in the middle East. 😀

    Comment by A. | December 6, 2007 | Reply

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