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Best Birthday Ever

I guess I should have suspected something N kept insisting I go out with her today. But I didn’t, and I spend two hours loafing about in Orchard, to be then dragged along to a hotel room for a made-up reason, and then have the door open and have a stream of foam-spray right in my face and all over me, with people shouting “Happy Birthday!”
Thanks guys, for the best birthday celebration I’ve ever had. Nothing makes a girl feel more loved than have her friends plan a surprise birthday party two weeks in advance, and be told how much she was missed in the two weeks she was gone. Thanks for your really generous gifts. And of course, how can I not thank you for all the embarrassing things you guys made me do while playing game of Bachelorette Roulette, where I was designated the sole player and hence the only one doing the dares. [And sorry if I’ve traumatised some of you for life with some of the dares I was forced to do.]
Seriously… thank you. With all the things happening in my life recently, thanks for this one night which made me feel loved, and really happy. Thanks to B especially, who organised this party, and to all those who spared their valuable time for me.
Rose bouquet
 Flowers from Liv. Probably the largest bouquet I’ve ever gotten, consisting of 20 flowers. And possibly the only.
“I heart Freshman Girls” from N. I’ll make sure I’ll wear that once I get to second year.
 Grey’s Anatomy Season 3
Grey’s Anatomy Season 3 DVDs, also from N
iWork’08, from seven of my friends – Irene, Anj, Al, Liv, C, B, XT
You guys are absolutely awesome!

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  1. […] Update: My Birthday Party […]

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  2. I’m glad you had fun! Once again, Happy Happy Birthday! Next year will be even better!

    Comment by Liv | December 24, 2007 | Reply

  3. Hey indu, glad to know you had a lovely birthday. Must catch up for cakes and tea… like we agreed on just before your flight. 🙂 Probably after 31st ya?

    Comment by Anj | December 26, 2007 | Reply

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