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Digging Themselves In Deeper

When I first read about’s censorship of Lesbiatopia, I didn’t find anything remotely surprising about it. The issue has developed further. I don’t know how many people actually use Digg in Singapore, and might be affected by this. I myself don’t use Digg, never felt the need to invite internet junk into my Google Reader. I figure I’m never going to read 1/8 of what is on there.

Paula also made a point in her post, which is that the internet is dominated and catered for, by straight men, mostly geeks, who have no trouble objectifying women. I concur with her. The Singapore Daily, for example, who is run by anonymous editors as far as I can determine, posts daily pictures of women in various states of undress. And while I do not grumble about that, I have to ask, where are the pictures of men? Are they assuming their audience is entirely straight male, because surely, women (and gay men) blog too. Anyone who has played a MMPORG such as WoW will testify to the abundance of adolescent male testosterone in the game, asking for the female characters to take off their clothes, using the word “rape” and “gay” in the most unpleasant, offensive ways.

I hope that Digg gets the lashing they deserve. And I hope their example will not be followed by local aggregrators.


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  1. You know I really think the problem with us and digg has to do way more with our words than our pictures… which I think the pimple faced geek thought we did not have enough of.

    Comment by Paula the Surf Mom | December 24, 2007 | Reply

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