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I must have jinxed myself by wishing for a Razor Pro Gaming mouse, and Creative headphones for my birthday, because the both third-rate excuses for the implements I were using this far, decided to die on me on the same day. And now I am earphone-less and mouse-less, not an easy thing to be for a person who works best listening to music [especially in the library] and has to use a mouse for raids. Not that I’ve time for raids this week anyway. And I can’t afford to buy replacements anytime soon.
Yet another thing to be depressed about.

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Quotable Quotes Update

S: I swear I fall into the intellectual whore category on the ladder theory

Me: More like a intellectual vibrator

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Music Discovery

Title: Will You Still Love Tomorrow

Artist: Amy Winehouse

Album: Bridget Jones’ Diary II: Edge of Reason

Amy Winehouse might be a wreck now, but back when she could still stand on two legs, she was a talent and a singing sensation to be reckoned with. Her talent shines clearly through in this cover version of the 1980s song by The Shirelles, originally titled Will You Love me Tomorrow. Winehouse’s rendition is soothingly melodious and bittersweet, with a sparse background music of guitars, joined by a soft booming percussion, and then completed by a classy trombone. It actually does sound better than the original perky Shirelles version, and sounds as if it was meant to be sung that way. It is not typical Winehouse style, but might be one of her best works.

Other recommendations from Amy Winehouse: Rehab, You Know I’m No Good, Back to Black, Tears Dry on their Own, all from the album Back to Black

Other recommendations from Bridget Jones’ Diary II: Stop by Jamelia, a ballad as classic and romantic as you can get, not typical Jamelia style, perhaps. Generally, Bridget Jones movies have kick-ass sound-tracks, so it is actually worth getting their entire album.

Thanks to Zee for the original recommendation of Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow!

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Need Insulin!

Cheyenne, I swear, if I read “my manqin” or “my baby” one more time… I’ll commit kitten murder. My body is becoming resistant to insulin as it is.

*stalks off muttering darkly, thinking there are going to be lots of dead kittens by the end of the year*

P.S. Please don’t make me do it. I love kittens.

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Mandatory Screenshots

You don’t raid and not take screenshots. It is simply not done. Or else, how else do you convince your buddies that you did really bring down Shades of Aran? Okay, I haven’t brought down Shades of Aran yet, but not for lack of trying. Here are the screenshots of my raid with the Budgie Smugglers.

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Tale of Two Deaths

 Originally posted on Sayoni Speak

On a boring bus-ride home, I was just musing that last week was the week to die.

I am not being morbid, really – at that time on TVMobile, the un-switch-off-able source of entertainment that subjects you to the terrible soap operas whether you want it or not, they were splashing news about Suharto’s death. Not that no one saw it coming, because I’ll bet you they were working on the eulogy and the news-report the minute Suharto was committed to the hospital.

And of course, a week ago, Heath Ledger was found dead on the floor of his SoHo of a drug overdose. Heath Ledger, as we all know, was the handsome hunk who played the gay cowboy on Brokeback Mountain, and did a wonderful job of it. While his young and sudden death is tragic, it is not something I particularly cared about, Brokeback or no Brokeback, until this. Continue reading

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Foreigners Cannot Complain

Sorry hor. You not singaporean, you cannot complain. Or else you kena ban by gahmen. [/singlish]

You’ll remember how I posted a few days ago about the torches of the HRTR being seized by the police for investigations. And amazingly, they repeat the same stunt with The Complaints Choir.

The Complaints Choir is known worldwide for its performances in public, with lyrics made of various complaints by the public about life. It was debuted in Birmingham, and the Helsinki Complaints Choir is one of its better performances. I was pretty excited about them coming to Singapore – Singaporeans are famous for loving to complain, and we all need to laugh at ourselves once in a while. But… no. No can do.

TOC has an extensive article on this issue, including the lyrics of the Singapore Complaints Choir.

Watch out – it might just become our national anthem.

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Music Discovery

This will be a new segment on this blog: Song Recommendation of the Day/Week/Month. I’ll try to post not-so-mainstream music.

kt tunstall drastic fantastic

Title: Hopeless

Artist: KT Tunstall

Album: Drastic Fantastic

KT Tunstall’s album can only be described as soulful new age rock, and is highly reminsicent of Inara George in its dreamy, sleepy-sunday-afternoon melodies. Hopeless is a fairly upbeat song with paradoxically existential lyrics. It borrows a few notes from folk music, leading to a truly enjoyable and addictive melody.

Other recommendations from this album include White Bird and Hold On. Hold On is a comparatively fast-paced number compared to the other songs, and highly experimental, using a decidedly non-western beat and plucked Asian strings.

Thanks to Zixian for introducing me to this artist!

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Quotable Quotes Update

“Life sucks, go fuck!” – Zixian

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Me and Alcohol

I don’t drink, and never have. A sworn teetotaller, and still going strong. Not quite willingly anyway, unless you count rum-laden Tiramisus [my friends will remember THAT Tiramisu, which got me all high and giggling away. Yes my tolerance level is non-existent]. I am part of a rare and dying breed, an oddity, especially among queer women, it seems. It takes people some getting used to, in acknowledging that I won’t even indulge in a social drink, and will finish up the entire bottle of Green Tea as a substitute. My wallet is very thankful for this habit, or lack thereof, however. Continue reading

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