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Fundamentalists in Action

To this day, I don’t fully understand why Anj chooses to attend the mega-church that she does, a church known to be homophobic. Especially when crap like this happens.
Forget religious beliefs. Forget whatever the Bible says – could the pastor not have done this with more respect and manners, if he truly wanted to “save them” from going to hell? How much effort does it take to sit them down, offer them a glass of water and talk to them in a polite manner? Does the pastor know that he is liable to be sued in battery and false imprisonment by the virtue of his actions? There ARE laws in this country, and he is not above that. Being God’s messenger, or whatever he considers himself to be, does not give him the license to behave to people like this.
This is a plea to all gay christians – come out. Come out today, and show everyone you can reconcile your faith and your sexuality, and you are as much a human being, as much a Christian as everyone else. I am sick and tired of this religion getting in the way, all the time. I am so over the bible-quoting of fundamentalist Christians, especially when it is completely irrelevant to me. I am completely done with the vocal minority in the Christian community using the Bible to oppress everyone else and assume there is no other religion besides Christianity which is remotely relevant or deserving of respect.
If the pastor calls you into his room and asks if you are in a relationship, tell him yes, and ask him to mind his own business.

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