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Quotable Quotes

People who put my blog on their RSS reader probably don’t realise it, but I occasionally update the sidebar with quotable quotes from people around me, or from TV shows. I’m going to start posting them here when I get a new quote, from now on.

Current quote:

“My parents don’t want me to date him because he’s 2 years younger, in NS, and from a non-branded JC. They kinda expect me to marry a surgeon who wears a bowtie.” – L

Quotes from the past:

“Finding a passionate AND stable relationship is like finding a free Hermes bag at the Great Singapore Sale” – Me.

“There is a girl who has so much love to give that she chooses to give it to guys and girls.” – Domenico, on Tila Tequila

“Some relationships are a common mistake, which are voidable in equity.” – Unattributable quote from LAWR TG 1

“The Beattitudes are to Ten Commandments, like equity to common law, in supplementing the harshness.” – Greg

And I can’t remember the rest. And I apologise for any misquotes – this is all from memory.

Addendum: Thanks to Rachel, I remembered these two:

“So, remember, it is cheaper to kill a child than an adult, and it is cheaper to kill someone rather than injure them. So if you want your spouse dead, it is best to hope that he or she gets run over by a car. But I recommend you don’t kill your husband or wife yourself, the courts don’t like that.” -Prof Fordham, in a lecture about Remedies

“So these hostesses from the Ashiba lounge are obliged to eat go eat ice kachang with the customers afterwards. They can’t say they don’t like green ice kachang or something, or choose the customer to eat the ice kachang with.” – Teri Kahn, on Kureoka Entertainments case.

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  1. Fordham’s killing husband quote & Terry Kaan’s quote on Kureoka hostesses!

    Comment by Rachel | January 20, 2008 | Reply

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