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Liv’s Birthday

Liv is ready to kill me for this, but I am really proud of the way I sprang her surprise birthday party on her. So people, looking for a fresh idea to spring surprises, start taking notes now, because I think this should go down in the books. *sprains muscles trying to pat myself on the back*

I took her out on the pretext of shoe-shopping, and half-way through, as planned, Irene called me, and I pretended that it was my ex-girlfriend, and she wanted to see me right now, and she wanted to talk about things. After much coaxing, I managed to drag her along with me to give me “emotional support”, to Cafe Le Caire, where 12 of our friends were waiting with cake and presents.

Liv still maintains it was a lame lie, but I think that’s just because she didn’t see it coming, and she was strongly against me meeting my ex again. *giggles* This thing had been in planning for a couple of weeks – I was messaging everyone about the party, telling people to turn down invitations from her to hang out this weekend, making sure she is free tonight, crafting a mechanism to properly surprise her in a public place etc.

 *sprains the muscles on the other side trying to pat myself on the back*

Happy Birthday in advance, Liv!

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  1. I’ll get you for this one Indu… I swear I will… Just wait til your 21st this year… I’m gonna make sure it tops last year!

    Anyhow, thank you very much. It was extremely sweet and was a really great way to end the weekend. So happy to see so many people turn up and I’m glad I decided to be kind and go along to pose as your “new girlfriend”

    *feels extremely loved*

    Although I’m a bit apprehensive about the level of conspiracy that went on behind me. Worries me somehow… What if the next plan issn’t as nice, such as conspiring to come to my place and raid my wardrobe for clothes, bags and shoes… Would anyone warn me about it? Or leave me in the dark anyhow?

    Comment by Liv | January 21, 2008 | Reply

  2. Leave you in the dark, of course. Your shoes are too nice to belong to you. 😛

    Comment by pleinelune | January 21, 2008 | Reply

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