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Foreigners Cannot Complain

Sorry hor. You not singaporean, you cannot complain. Or else you kena ban by gahmen. [/singlish]

You’ll remember how I posted a few days ago about the torches of the HRTR being seized by the police for investigations. And amazingly, they repeat the same stunt with The Complaints Choir.

The Complaints Choir is known worldwide for its performances in public, with lyrics made of various complaints by the public about life. It was debuted in Birmingham, and the Helsinki Complaints Choir is one of its better performances. I was pretty excited about them coming to Singapore – Singaporeans are famous for loving to complain, and we all need to laugh at ourselves once in a while. But… no. No can do.

TOC has an extensive article on this issue, including the lyrics of the Singapore Complaints Choir.

Watch out – it might just become our national anthem.


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