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Review: Lost Season 4 Premiere

The highly anticipated premiere of Lost aired on 31st January 2008, as per schedule. For three seasons, this show has kept me on the edge and totally addicted, enough for me to buy the original DVDs out of my meager pocket money. Because it is just that awesome. I love the mysteries, the crazy inter-connections between the characters, the very human background it is all shot against. Lost possibly has the best writers in the industry, because you can’t keep a plot like this going and keep the audience on tenterhooks otherwise. The only thing I am afraid of, is that it is going to suffer due to the Writers’ Guild of America strike – only 8 out of 16 episodes have been completed (yes, you heard me, only 16 episodes this season… less Lost goodness for us fans).

This episode was just a little slow, but it set up some very important plotlines, and introduced us to the main conflict of season 4, literally drawing lines in the sand between the survivors. Locke[Terry O’Quinn] is just as incomprehensible as ever, Jack[Mathew Foxx] just as stubborn, Kate[Evangeline Lily] just as kick-ass but indecisive [seriously, make up your mind already, woman]. Sawyer[Josh Holloway], out of the blue, decides to stop being the jerk for half a minute, and we catch a glimpse of his human side – that would be the only thing that’s different. Charlie[Dominic Monagan] looked really hot this episode, quite surprisingly… seriously, give him a close crop, take off his ridiculous half-moustache, and put him in a V-neck tight t-shirt, and the dude actually looks sexy. And good old Hurley[Jorge Garcia], our adorable heavy-set Latina multi-millionaire, is just as likeable as ever.

The only problem I had, was with a certain scene where the men doing all the noble, heroic things, and the women were sitting around folding clothes and comparing the glory and bravery of their male partners. Seriously, are we in the 18th century? And Kate, you are hot, and I adore you, you are my laptop wallpaper and all… but we really need more hot women on the show. They started killing off all the good-looking women in season 2 and 3 [Claire, honey, you are absolutely adorable, but you don’t count] – in fact in one episode, they killed off 2 women at the same time. I am starting to think that it is down in Evangeline Lily’s contract that she is the only hot, single woman on the show.

Overall – season 4 is looking towards a good start, and I highly recommend it. But if you are a fan, you are going to be watching it anyway – you don’t need me to tell you to do it.



Do not read further if you have not watched the first three seasons, and the premiere of season 4.

Episode 1 did not disappoint me at all – last season ended with a mind-blowing cliff-hanger. Instead of showing the past, like they’ve done for three seasons, the writers showed us the future. The tricky thing is that you don’t realise it, until the last scene, where Jack is meeting Kate. And then you realise it was there all along – because typically, an episode begins in the present, and then goes back. And so they did, except they are already off the island, and the scenes on the island are actually flashbacks. Jack, now an alcoholic mess, ends season 3 shouting “We have to go back! We should never have left the island!”, and for the first time, we are introduced to the concept that maybe, getting off the island isn’t a good thing after all.

S4E1 picks up on this reversal, and continues the off-the-island storyline with Hurley. Now we learn that only 6 people survived the island, and managed to get back – and apparently, all of them are keeping a certain secret. Hurley is caught for speeding, and in a typical Lostian way, is interrogated by Ana Lucia’s[or as I like to call her, Ana Luscious] ex-partner [as a cop, not THAT partner]. He is committed to a mental hospital for seeing things – and who does he see but dead Charlie?

On the island itself, Desmond comes back and communicates Charlie’s last warning to the rest, and they set out to warn Jack and co of the people on the boat. Except of course, Jack doesn’t believe them, and the castaways are split into two groups: the people who believe the rescuers are a threat, go with Locke, and the rest stay with Jack. And of course, we are once again questioning what Locke is really doing, when he professes to have acted in the best interest of the group.

We are inclined to think Locke is right… except of course, they twist it at the end, when Hurley (off the island) apologises to Jack for not staying with him. And all our theories, all our assumptions are thrown into the air.

Welcome to Lost.

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