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Title: Come Sing Me A Song

Artist: Sing-Sing

Album: Sing-Sing and I

This dreamy, lyrical piece from the second album of Sing-Sing, an enigmatic UK group is enjoyably addictive. It introduces itself with a swinging guitar strum beat, which replaces the traditional drum percussion, occasionally bringing in strained violins, hollow drums and basses.

The lyrics on the surface would seem to be that of a love song, but is actually about celebrity worship – which I would not have figured out if not for reading the band website. But even the knowledge of this does not lessen the dreamy romanticism of the song.

Other recommendations: Lover, from Sing-Sing and I. This track is available for free (and legal) download on the band website, so do check it out.


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End of the WGA Strike

Finally, the talented scribes behind Hollywood have put down their picket signs and decided to pick up their pens, if the membership votes go through. Thank you, thank you. I am really happy the writers have gotten some of their demands – well-paid writers are happy writers, and happy writers are better writers. AfterEllen has a list of shows interrupted by the strike and the possible return to schedule. Be warned, not all shows will be right back on schedule, and you might actually have to wait a few weeks after the stock runs out.

Now, back to the program. *waits in anticipation for the next episode of Lost*

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