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Guns go with Roses

On the grave, about once a year, placed by grieving lovers, mothers, siblings, friends.

If this is not proof enough that gun control is essential, if Virginia Tech and Columbine hasn’t convinced us by this time that laws shouldn’t allow guns to be placed in the hands of students, I don’t quite know what will. Universities should be safe learning spaces, not places where you have to fear that your classmate is going to go ballistic anytime soon.

February 15, 2008 - Posted by | Politics | , ,

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  1. Guns not placed in hands of students in many states, even if handguns can be purchased post-18years (can’t drink until 21, can buy guns at 18!). Guns are banned on campus and outside unless you get a concealed handgun license.

    But who cares about papers right?

    In light of shootings, only logical to control gun sales, but not American logic. Gun control not gonna happen there. The NRA as powerful as the evangelical church. They are instead going to persuade lawmakers to allow guns on campus as “preventive” control. “if they’d allowed guns on campus we could’ve defended ourselves!”

    Better to die, or better for a gangland style shootout on campus and risk more lives? Hmmmm.. American logic. Fascinating as always.

    They also have a huge hunting culture there. Guns are a way of life.

    The NRA’s gonna milk this situation for sure.

    Comment by ChaoMugger | February 15, 2008 | Reply

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