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End of LAWR

C’est fini.

LAWR is over.


*does the rain-dance*

In retrospect, the moots weren’t as bad as expected. I made it out alive, and got all my points across.

But still, I still can’t believe LAWR, the bane of my life, the module which has been making me want to quit law school, is over.

Anyone want to get together and burn our binders and cases Guy Fawkes style?


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A Hard Decision

Since the inception of this blog, I’ve actually deviated quite a bit from what I originally intended this to be. It was supposed to be serious, on socio-political stuff and other things. But my aims and mindset has changed since then, and I’ve discovered new niches and interests. Particularly, I’ve discovered an interest in the Entertainment industry beyond just watching TV shows, but actively reviewing them.

I don’t really write this blog for myself – if there is a blog in the woods, and no one hears it being published, does it make a sound? The readers make a blog. I don’t need this blog to talk about my feelings or private life, I have a personal diary under lock and key for that. I am a private person, and I don’t trust the internet with my secrets, even if it is password-protected. Which pretty much makes this a place for me to talk to the world about things I like, things I care about, and hopefully entertain you along the way.

So, my question is: what do you guys want? My thought was to separate out the entertainment (and fashion, and maybe geek) section into another blog entirely, and leave this blog for slightly more personal, or socio-political topics. Or the other way around. In short, I want to separate out the lifestyle/leisure section, which will be very reader-friendly, from the more serious topics. If there is an audience for it in the first place.

You can vote in the poll I’ve created here:Vote in my poll!

Or you can leave comments here. No hurry, I am not making any changes till exams are over. And no, I am not going to base my decision blindly on the poll – it is just to get a feel of what people might want.

And maybe you can also tell me what you read my blog for, if you are a personal friend trying to keep up with me, or a random reader who likes whichever section of my blog, and maybe wants more of it.

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Review: Jodhaa Akbar

jodhaa akhbar

I went to watch Jodhaa Akbar on Friday night with my parents – completely impromptu. It was the first time in months I actually watched an Indian movie for more than 10 seconds, and probably the first time in a year that I watched it in a theatre, my last one being Water. [Of course, Water is in a completely different class from this, being an independent film by Deepa Mehta, the director of Fire, the famous Indian lesbian film.] Usually I can’t stand most Indian movies – a subject which I’ll expound on another day.

Continue reading

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Review: The L Word Season 5

Originally posted on Sayoni Speak

the l word season 5

The first part is a spoiler-free review of the season. All potential spoilers are left as footnotes. Check back for Part 2 of the review, where I actually talk about the plot, and a Best of the Season!

For dedicated fans of The L Word, it has been five topsy-turvy seasons. It is actually quite amazing the show has lasted this long, and until it was announced that it was going to be renewed for a final season 6, most fans thought this was going to be the final one. Continue reading

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Quotable Quotes Update

English men are never impotent.

— Stanley Yeo, in response to the House of Lords ruling in Bedder v DPP

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Review: KT Tunstall Live

This won’t be so much as a review as a fan-girl gush-session about KT Tunstall’s concert on 27th March. First of all, I have to thank Pirate for the tickets, without which my student wallet would not have made it to the concert.

There was a mile-long queue outside the hall before the concert started, Pirate and I couldn’t believe that this many people had turned up to see her. Half of the attendees seemed to be Caucasians, which was a pity, because really, more locals need to know her. Continue reading

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Broken Hearts and Time-Travelling Case-theories

Yes, I know, this blog is starting to look like No Man’s Land. You know the excuse even before I say it. Zixian has been bugging me to blog as well, because you know, I am apparently so much freer than her and I need to entertain her.

My heart is currently broken. The L Word Season 5 just ended, and Lost is taking a four-week break, while they catch up the on time lost during the Writer’s Guild strike. It is not so much watching the shows, by themselves, but also listening the podcasts and the reviews/recaps of each episode, that I’ve kinda built into my working schedule. *sobs* No more Kelka, no more We’re Getting Nowhere, no more Jay and Jack, no more Transmission, for a while. Yes, I’m obsessed with Lost. So sue me.

No idea what is going on in Lost, but hey, all the back-and-forth-ness, and the time-travelling, and the complex timeline cannot be worse than my time-travelling case-theory for LAWR, part of which is the status of Chinese customary marriages in 1972. I still cannot figure out whether a case decided in 1982 about a “marriage” performed in 1957 can be used (Yeah, I know, worse than Lost) and all I want to say is, “screw you Carol, couldn’t you just freaking register your liberal hippie marriage” instead of talking about the sanctity of marriage in front of a panel of judges who I am sure include the distinguished family lawyer Prof Leong who has consistently held opposite views to my (assigned) stand in her publications. *facepalm*

Screw Er Gek Cheng and the test for intention.

At least the nightmare will be over on Monday.

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Sayoni Queer Women Survey 2008 (Singapore)

Sayoni is proud to present the Sayoni Queer Women Survey, 2008. This survey is aimed at queer, lesbian, bisexual and transgender women living in Singapore, to gather essential information about the community, in terms of…

1. Age, racial and religious composition

2. Educational and career background, and financial status

3. Social framework, in relation to their sexual orientation

4. Personal/Emotional status, in relation to their sexual orientation

5. Feedback, on Sayoni and on the community

We appeal to you to take this survey, if you happen to belong to the target group. Just five minutes of your time can help us learn how to better help you and the community as a whole, as well as serve as a record of progress throughout the years.

All information, once collected and analysed, will be made publicly available.

Please be reassured that this survey is completely anonymous. Individual responses will not be revealed, and will not be traceable to the individual user.

Please help spread the word around, to your queer female friends. We aim to capture people from all social strata in this survey.

Sayoni Queer Women Survey 2008

If you wish to see the reports from last year, please click here.

Thank you for your time!

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Bluetooth Blues

After suffering with an ageing Nokia 6280 for sometime, I finally got a new phone yesterday, a Nokia E51. It is beautiful, it has a lot of beautiful features, but… it can’t synchronise with my Mac. My previous model had no problems at all, but for some reason, iSync doesn’t support E51.

I can’t use the Nokia PC Suite to synchronise because that only caters to Windows, and the Nokia website doesn’t offer any alternatives. [This is the point where I show a big middle-finger to the bastards in Nokia, and ask them why the hell their mac-using market doesn’t matter to them.]

There are solutions, but that requires money. 9.90 Euros to be exact. Why the hell should I fork out money to make something work that should inherently work on its own?

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Music Discovery

Title: LDN

Artist: Lily Allen

Album: Alright, Still

I originally heard LDN on The Planetcast, and instantly fell in love with it. Her floaty, girly voice and the sunny, upbeat music can fool you into thinking this is some kind of Little House on the Prairie music, but it is far from that. The lyrics are harshly honest and funny, gritty and light all at the same time. LDN is as about how double-layered the city is, just like her own music, all pretty and shiny until you do a double take.

It is not unfair to describe Lily Allen’s music as the white girl answer to rap music, especially with her other songs Alfie and Smile from the same album, grit delivered on a white fluffy cloud.

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