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Quotable Quotes Update

English men are never impotent.

— Stanley Yeo, in response to the House of Lords ruling in Bedder v DPP


March 28, 2008 Posted by | Law | , | 1 Comment

Review: KT Tunstall Live

This won’t be so much as a review as a fan-girl gush-session about KT Tunstall’s concert on 27th March. First of all, I have to thank Pirate for the tickets, without which my student wallet would not have made it to the concert.

There was a mile-long queue outside the hall before the concert started, Pirate and I couldn’t believe that this many people had turned up to see her. Half of the attendees seemed to be Caucasians, which was a pity, because really, more locals need to know her. Continue reading

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