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Review: KT Tunstall Live

This won’t be so much as a review as a fan-girl gush-session about KT Tunstall’s concert on 27th March. First of all, I have to thank Pirate for the tickets, without which my student wallet would not have made it to the concert.

There was a mile-long queue outside the hall before the concert started, Pirate and I couldn’t believe that this many people had turned up to see her. Half of the attendees seemed to be Caucasians, which was a pity, because really, more locals need to know her.

I almost stopped breathing when KT came out. She is much shorter in person than you would think, and hotter, even though all she was wearing was a pair of worn jeans and a sleeveless t-shirt. The concert kicked off with Little Favours, which I thought wasn’t a good choice, but it got better progressively. The background music was a tad too loud for my taste, because what really matters is KT’s vocals, and what we paid good money to hear. But this, I notice, is a problem with most concerts – their sound management is not that great.

KT turned out to have a sense of humour, and peppered the concert with her own brand of jokes and interesting humour. I also learned a few things about what some of her songs really meant, like Funnyman, which happened to be about a friend who went mad, and Saving My Face, which was about how weird plastic surgery was – but these explanations were not offered in a “I’m-an-artist-listen-to-what-I-have-to-say” but but through her periodic jokes. She kept switching guitars for each song, clearly because different songs required different sounds, which I thought to be a nice authentic touch.

We also got what KT is known for – her acoustic numbers. She performed her famous Black Horse and Cherry Tree, which she explained had nothing to do with marriage, as her parents thought when she first played it to them, but about turning evil, and a few other songs.

It was a wonderful, even awesome experience to see and hear KT Live, after being in love with her music so much. Pirate enjoyed it immensely too, and called it the best concert she had ever been to – considering she is a music aficionado, and has been to several concerts in her life, that comes as high praise. I thought I was a big fan of KT’s, but pirate beat me (and everyone else in the audience) with her exuberant dancing and cheering(if anyone heard a lone female voice cheering and clapping, which then precipitated a general audience cheering, yup that was her) I was amazed at how the concert managed to make me enjoy the two songs out of her repertoire which I didn’t like all that much, I Don’t Want You Now, which I dismissed for being too Avril Lavigne, and Funnyman. She had the audience up on her feet by Suddenly I See, and they didn’t sit down until the end of the concert, giving an extended standing ovation at the end.

Looking forward to future visits from KT and more albums.


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  1. Actually, I thought the sound was pretty much..clear and well balanced comparing to others concert halls/places I’ve been to. Instruments didn’t cover KT’s voice and the background voices were also coming into the songs nicely.

    I loved this concert. The band started without wasting anytime, there was no opening band, KT comes up on stage and here we go baby, more than 1:30 hour of a great performance. I agree, some songs are just better live, and especially “Funnyman”. She gifted us with almost all her repertoire, even adding some songs from others artists, like “Walk like an Egyptian” by the Bangels. The audience was a bit shy at the beginning but really warmed up and by the end of the concert the whole Suntec Hall was on its feet clapping and dancing.

    I found the band was a bit too passive, they could have done more solo performances, more stage play, and could have included the two background singers (who by the way really need to take some dancing lesson asap) a bit more, that would have been a good addition to KT’s one woman show on the mic between the songs..
    The dead people random fact just cracked me up, and when I think about it now I’m still like “What the hell was she talkin’bout ?!” But I guess that’s what a random fact is supposed to be 🙂

    I had a blast, this poppish rock performed by a talented yet humble and simple artist/band simply made my week. If you guys have the opportunity to see KT Tunstall in concert, don’t miss it, it’s really worth it.

    Comment by Pirate | March 28, 2008 | Reply

  2. I cried when I first heard Other Side of the World, and again when I heard her play it live.

    Indeed, KT is fairly humble. She doesn’t hold back from making digs at her own expense – Christina Aguilera or Beyonce couldn’t make a joke to save her own life, much less at her own expense. 😀

    I am kinda glad I wasn’t standing, because if I were standing so close, she might have had to file for a protection/restraining order on the spot. *fangirls herself silly*

    Comment by pleinelune | March 28, 2008 | Reply

  3. Agreed, it was an awesome session! I got really emotional when she sang Paper Aeroplane~

    Not to worry though, ‘cos there was this burly ponytailed bouncer at the front of the pit, who made sure nobody tried anything funny… 🙂

    Hope KT comes back soon too!

    Comment by [ENEgue] | March 29, 2008 | Reply

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