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A Thank You

I am a lucky girl. I have the most wonderful, supportive friends. And I thought I should take this space to honour you all, in case, you know, I get run over by a truck tomorrow, and I never get to tell you all how much I love you.

To my best buddy, N, for sticking by me, for giving up precious hours of sleep to talk to certain people for me and going through an unnecessary emotional rollercoaster, for making me part of your family, for caring about me despite us not being able to meet up all that often. Thanks for knowing me so well, and putting up with me.

To Zee, my recently discovered twin, for all the brunches, phone calls, MSN convs, years of steadfast friendship. We were probably separated at birth, because how else can I find someone else who is also a young queer activist of colour, is completely different from the racial stererotypes assigned to us, is a writer (and happens to work for the same queer company), and shares scarily similar love problems?

To Liv, for the late-night conversations, for the support when I needed it the most, for the beautiful bouquet of flowers, for the shoes, for being a fashionista along with me.

To Anj, for listening to all my problems for years, and being there for me at the worst times, for the cheesecakes and advice and support, for putting up all the teasing.

To Zixian, for being the best kick-ass supportive straight girl in the history of the mankind, for the music, for the academic support, for bravely volunteering to be my future room-mate, and being the sane one out of the Triumvirate.

To Jessica, for making me laugh, for all the times spent watching L Word together, for being part of the Triumvirate, for generally making my life in law school much more enjoyable.

To Pirate, for being my newest friend, for making me laugh, for giving me the most adorable nickname, for keeping me company through the drudgery of everyday life online, for the tickets to the most awesome concert on earth, for all the time and caring, for giving me a chance to continue being your friend.

To the entire admin team, for putting up with me, I know I am not the easiest team-mate to deal with, for sticking by me through the worst of troubles and trying to protect me, even when I don’t need it. I love that you care enough to do it.

To every other friend who has touched me somehow – Thank You. Just because I don’t name you doesn’t mean you are any less important. To all those friends who were once with me, but then lost contact, thank you.

Update: N just pointed me to a song Love Me or Hate Me, and I think the chorus of that song should be the background music that should be playing when reading this entry.


April 5, 2008 - Posted by | Personal


  1. Did I get named only because I was online? πŸ˜€

    Comment by Zark | April 5, 2008 | Reply

  2. Of course not, darling honey sweetie pie. πŸ˜€ You is rock!

    Comment by pleinelune | April 6, 2008 | Reply

  3. Awwww. Hugs.

    Here’s to many more brunches! πŸ˜€

    “To every other friend who has touched me somehow.”

    Just how many friends have touched you now I wonder.

    Comment by The Pro Bono Columnist | April 6, 2008 | Reply

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