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Cursing Kelman to Eternal Damnation

Legal theory is over. Yes, yes, I am indeed alive, and no brain has not turned into mush.

Wrote complete and utter crap, waaaaay under the word limit, scattered footnotes here and there to make it all look prettier. I am quite happy with passing, really, and so are many people, given the number of people who’ve been joining the Facebook group “We got screwed over by legal theory”. Except, of course, for the few geniuses who are always speaking up in class about what Dworkin and Hart are really saying, whoever cares about you?

Damn you, Kelman. Could you not at least mention Mill or his harm principle in passing, in your 84-page essay on what most people consider common sense? Would have made my life five times easier. Take your cue from MacKinnon, would ya?

3 hours is just too freaking short. I want my 24-hour take-home exam back.

No prizes for guessing I am not going to take Advanced Jurisprudence.


April 18, 2008 - Posted by | Law |

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