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Hanging it Up

I was in Raffles City basement buying food when I spotted these babies. I think I’ve said before that I use a special earring hanger in the shape of a woman. That kinda broke, it being ceramic. Actually it broke the day I  bought it, but I patched it back up with super-glue. It kept breaking if someone so much as sneezed, though, and I’ve patched it back about 10 times. It was just too tall and imbalanced – I guess I should have thought about centre of gravity when I bought that thing for 40 bucks. The last time it broke, I gave up – it won’t even hold superglue anymore. So my earrings have been in a colossal mess the past few months.

These beauties are 10 bucks each, about 6 inches high, and it is not ceramic, so there is no chance of it breaking, especially since it is so small. The frame is metal and plastic, and the head is detachable, so it is also easily portable.

After I hung all my earrings on the tiny frames.

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