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Review: Ironman

*Blows the dust off the blog and starts to cough*

Okay, sorry. I’ve been rather occupied. I don’t even go online all that much anymore. But to breathe life back in here, let me start with a review of Ironman, which I watched with M last Saturday because Made of Honor, featuring Disney heart-throb Patrick Dempsey, only had tickets left in the front row.


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A New Home

You are probably wondering why I have not been posting as much recently. Well, blame post-exam euphoria, for one, I am rather busy levelling my WoW toons before I start work. And most of my blogging efforts have been exclusively channelled to Sayoni. If you are wondering where my Tila and Grey’s Anatomy updates are, they are here.

And then I started a new blog with Rachel – Confessions of Two Law Geek Fashionistas, where we talk about the three topics close to our heart: Law, Fashion & Beauty, and Geeky stuff of all kinds. A very eclectic mix, but that’s an accurate reflection of the two of us. If you thought I was geeky or have too much make-up, wait till you listen to her talking about Star Trek, or spot her make-up collection.

This blog will still go ahead, no worries. I will not be cross-posting the entries from Confessions unless appropriate. As for the content, well that will continue to be off the top of my head, queer stuff, entertainment reviews, random thoughts and observations, and though it will kill Jean that I am talking about it, sometimes political stuff too. Not much difference really.

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Random Announcements

1. If you are an indian gay/bisexual/whatever-but-not-straight male, and you are reading my blog, please drop me an email at It is for some research I am doing on the indian gay community – your anonymity will be protected, not to worry about that.

2. Please remember to take the Sayoni Queer Women Survey 2008 if you meet the criteria.

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Freedom at Mid-noon

Okay, it wasn’t quite mid-noon, it was 11.33 am, as we were told to stop writing. Criminal law exam might actually have been the most enjoyable one of them all, not in the least because it is the last. Prof Hor sure knows how to have a laugh – his entire paper was an inside joke, just looking at the names and the situations.

Three months of freedom, baby! Okay, not really. I still have a thousand things to do over the hols.

This is what I NEED to do.

  • Sayoni Survey Repor
  • Website revamp + possible construction
  • Work! If anyone has a job available that does not entail standing on my feet for hours on end, please tell me. Preferably comfortable admin job
  • Writing
  • Research + report into… well, stuff
  • Indignation prep
  • Assorted sayoni stuff

This is what I WANT to do, on top of all this

  • Learn sign language (specifically, SEE. I already know self-taught rudimentary ASL)
  • 6 seasons of Sopranos
  • 3 seasons of South of Nowhere
  • All the seasons of the Office
  • 5 seasons of Queer as Folk
  • Donny Darko
  • World of Warcraft – I want to get another character to level 70. Polanna has transferred to Rivendare to join The Budgie Smugglers. Thaurissan is now dead-town because they offered free transfers to Dreadmaul, and pretty much 95% of the server Alliance population left (For more than a year, the Alliance of Thaurissan have been suffering under the huge imbalance of Alliance to Horde) Once I get my lock to level 70, or hopefully before (depending on my budget), I’ll need to transfer my lock as well.

Quite a list, I know. And I’ve been contemplating taking up contemporary dance. For about ten years I’ve been telling myself it is too late to take lessons and become good at it, and tried every other thing, like classical music (back in India, no interest), piano (disaster, I have no musical talent), Tae Kwon-Do (it was okay, but I had to stop because of exams and injury, and there wasn’t enough personal interest). But it might be too much, with my sign language lessons as well, and lord help me if I get attached over the summer.

I am so going to kill myself with the to-do list of this summer. Holiday, what holiday?

And I know 90% of the people on my blog don’t get the title of this post – Freedom at Midnight is a book about Indian fight for freedom from colonial rule.

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i cant findz ma weddingz reeng!

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

See more of my lolcats here!

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Freedom (from) Contract

I am freed from contract, the bane of my life! Whee!!

Once criminal law is done on Thursday, I’ll be free for 3 months. So, my friends, if there are any bombs you want to drop on me, anything particular onerous, or if any one wants to declare their undying love for me (yeah right), do it AFTER May 8th, okay?

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Gay’s Anatomy?

Originally published on Sayoni Speak

Season 4 of Grey’s Anatomy returned with Episode 12 right before Lost did. I thought they ended the season with episode 11 due to the writer’s strike, but turns out they are just carrying on. Continue reading

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