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You are probably wondering why I have not been posting as much recently. Well, blame post-exam euphoria, for one, I am rather busy levelling my WoW toons before I start work. And most of my blogging efforts have been exclusively channelled to Sayoni. If you are wondering where my Tila and Grey’s Anatomy updates are, they are here.

And then I started a new blog with Rachel – Confessions of Two Law Geek Fashionistas, where we talk about the three topics close to our heart: Law, Fashion & Beauty, and Geeky stuff of all kinds. A very eclectic mix, but that’s an accurate reflection of the two of us. If you thought I was geeky or have too much make-up, wait till you listen to her talking about Star Trek, or spot her make-up collection.

This blog will still go ahead, no worries. I will not be cross-posting the entries from Confessions unless appropriate. As for the content, well that will continue to be off the top of my head, queer stuff, entertainment reviews, random thoughts and observations, and though it will kill Jean that I am talking about it, sometimes political stuff too. Not much difference really.

May 16, 2008 - Posted by | Announcements

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