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Review: Ironman

*Blows the dust off the blog and starts to cough*

Okay, sorry. I’ve been rather occupied. I don’t even go online all that much anymore. But to breathe life back in here, let me start with a review of Ironman, which I watched with M last Saturday because Made of Honor, featuring Disney heart-throb Patrick Dempsey, only had tickets left in the front row.


But it turned out to be serendipity (not the movie), because Ironman was actually quite enjoyable. I had heard good reviews on See What Show by mrbrown, but I had to see it for myself.

The central character in this movie is that of a genius billionaire Tony Stark, the brains behind Stark Industries, which mostly manufactures weapons for the US military. Of course, the minute you go off on that path, you know the hero will have a change of heart and repent – and my pacifist heart thanks the movie for that. Tony Stark is captured by Afghan rogue bands while on a testing mission of new rockets missiles, and to get out of the prison, he makes a suit of metal that can fire weapons, torch everything in sight, and even fly. After escaping, he goes back to his home country and has a change of heart about what his weapons are doing, because he sees them in the hands of the rogue bands killing thousands of innocents. He also starts to perfect his Ironman suit, and eventually confronts his enemy within the fraternity, almost gets the girl yada yada.

What I found slightly original about this is that the hero was not someone who was dropped in a tub of toxic waste, and more interestingly, can be perceived as more of an anti-hero. He is the epitome of what we are supposed to hate: rich Lothario who makes his money by (indirectly) killing people. Tony is a rather snarky character, and his “power” comes from his own brilliance, in crafting Ironman. He is believable in that sense, and strangely likeable without having to admire him like you would Superman.

Now, I’ve had an admittedly deprived childhood, and I’ve never most of the Marvel comics that people have grown up with, so before I watched the movie, I knew nothing about the world of Ironman. Which, as it turns out, did slightly impede my understanding of the movie plot, as certain elements were not explained fully. Like how in the world Tony had the plan for the ironman suit with him when he was captured, and the whole deal about the palladium-core that was keeping him alive. It must have been how people felt when watching some of the Harry Potter movies and the plot whizzed them by.

But aside from that, the CGI in this movie is superb, perhaps surpassing Transformers. Which, by the way, is what the people in Ironman suits reminded me of, especially when they were fighting. The technology shown in the movie was jealousy-inspiring…. holographic screens and workspaces, voice-recognising computers and robots, etc etc… and the CGI for all that was done wonderfully as well. With Transformers, I eventually got tired of all the action and fighting and the robots, but that did not happen with Ironman.

Definitely a very watchable movie, probably better than that male version of My Best Friend’s Wedding, also known as Made of Honor, anyway.

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  1. I knew nothing about Iron Man before the movie, and I disliked it in the main, with a grudging bit of admiration for the special effects and the acting.

    I read a review that probably expected too much of a Marvel movie. I had some of the same thoughts when I watched it, though, and that justifies the linkage:

    Um, I also enjoyed Made of Honor recently. It made it past my filters more easily, as it didn’t tackle big, sensitive themes and played the old stock romantic comedy pretty well. Depends on what you’re in the mood for.

    Comment by al | May 27, 2008 | Reply

  2. haha we should try to catch made of honor together then.
    I WANT TO SEE ZE SAMPLES. you can post mine up too, i wanna get a preview.

    Comment by zark | May 28, 2008 | Reply

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