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Quotable Quotes Update

Me: I love the idea of eskimo song duels…
S: Don’t you think song duels are just ancient trash talking sessions?
Me: Like rapping?
S: Yes
Me: So, our conclusion for the CLT essay is that rap artists are modern eskimoes?
S: With bling

Note: CLT – Comparative Legal Traditions


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Standard Chartered Marathon

I will be going for the 10km category (should be quite manageable), along with Irene and other potentials. If you are interested in joining us, register on your own, and tell me, because we will be printing custom Sayoni t-shirts or tanktops for ourselves as well. Limited edition, hor.

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I’m Done

I am absolutely done taking your crap and putting up with your bullshit.

Don’t bother pressing the point. Don’t bother ever talking to me again either. We’re 100% done.

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An Indian Among Indians

Originally published on Sayoni Speak

I wish I could write this in the nature of some undercover spy report, or even a fascinating account of some rare new species by a researcher. While it feels like I am doing something of the sort, the subjects of my article are far from treason-committing criminals or an animal species. They are a bunch of queer women of Indian origin, a group of girls in an educational institution unnamed, brought together through to a weird gravitational force yet unaccounted for by the laws of physics.

How did I get to know these girls? Quite honestly, mainly through an ex-partner. For one and a half years, I have been hearing reports of these women and their exploits from more than one source, and met a couple of members on occasion. But last week was the first time I met them en masse, a mass of black-and-brown skinned girls (to be quite politically correct, boys too, but we shall get to that later), representing maybe half this unique sub-culture.

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Music Rediscovery: Ode to A.R. Rahman

No specific track this time to recommend, actually. I was cleaning out the CDs at home, and found a bunch of Tamil and Hindi music CDs I hadn’t yet imported into my library… I had forgotten they existed, honestly, and when I finally did import them, I re-discovered some of my favourite tracks.

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