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Mandatory US Elections Post

I haven’t said much about the US Elections – a subject which has been canvassed to death over the past two years. I have an American friend who routinely tells me US politics are none of my business, and I am hardly qualified to make a judgement because all the news I get is from the media. and I am not American. He was a Republican supporter back in the days of Bush, and me rather anti-Bush, so I guess that explains the hostility. My friend also happens to think that the Iraq war was a good decision. Well… I get my news from the same media sources as him, for one. It is not like he is buddies with Bush, for him to have an extra insight into the workings of politics denied to me.

So an opinion I shall have, even though I have no voting power or say in all this, and the elections aren’t even in my country. The unfortunate thing that my friend does not grasp is that US politics affect the rest of the world, in more ways than one.

In the first place, I believe candidates should be cutting down spending and time spent on campaigning. Two years? That’s just ridiculous. The millions that McCain and Obama have been spending on their campaigns would be better served on bettering the terrible US education system, or taking care of the poor.

Having said that, it doesn’t take a genius to guess that I am a Obama supporter just because the thought of McCain and Palin in power is simply too horrifying, and I think of Obama to be more of a principled man. His lack of experience is worrying, but I can at least trust Biden will guide him down the right path for economic reform. I can say no such thing for Palin – in fact, there is very little I can say for Palin’s qualifications. Her being a woman does not endear me to her? Unlike certain people who are targeting her based on the fact that she is a working woman, I only care about her policies.

Right now Obama is ahead in the daily polls, but people lie in polls. I am really hoping the inherent racism in America does not stop them from voting based on the candidate’s qualifications – if they truly think McCain is better (and not because he is white) go ahead and vote for him.

Of course, it makes me feel better in supporting Obama because he and Biden support equal rights for same-sex couples, though they are doing a tap-dance around the issue of calling it marriage. In America, for some unfathomable reason, marriage is considered this sacrosanct inviolable institution that can only be undertaken by a man and a woman.

Yep, the same sacrosanct inviolable institution that Britney undertook for 24 hours.

I hate seeing politicians pander to the majority – and that’s one thing that doesn’t sit right with me about Obama-Biden’s policies about gay marriage. They are in favour of civil unions with almost all of the same benefits, but not calling it marriage. I wish someone in American politics had the backbone and integrity to stand up against this ridiculous hypocrisy, but I might as well wish for world peace, because asking people to be non-hypocritical in politics is a fool’s errand.

It is unlikely a Californian is reading this post, but if you are, please vote against Prop 8, for the sake of all that is good and right. It does not make sense to take away our rights in an illusory attempt to keep yours – your rights are not affected by other people getting married.


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