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Awesome 21st Birthday Party

If I thought last year’s surprise party for me was hard to beat, I thought wrong. Very wrong. This year, using the same decoy (because they thought I would think they were not stupid enough to use the same decoy… handy bit of reverse psychology), they sent N to set me up. I was supposed to meet her at the busstop outside my place at 5 pm so that we could have dinner (I was supposed to meet the rest of my friends on Saturday instead).

Now, to be honest, I knew there was something up. First of all, Jean started acting weird last night over MSN, which tipped me off straightaway. Secondly, Liv had instructed me to meet her at the MRT station on Saturday, not a restaurant, which seemed suspicious. What broke the camel’s back was when today, Raq messaged me mistakenly in a message meant for Liv, letting slip the existence of a surprise party.

But of course, I was thinking it would be on Saturday, not today. So when, at the busstop, this couple I had given directions to, came around me and told me not to struggle, not to be alarmed, and that my friends, especially Liv had told them to do this, and slipped a hood over my head, I was indeed taken by surprise. But had I not gotten wind of a surprise, I probably would have kicked his ass and never let him put the hood over me… but I figured this was part of the plan.

I was hooded and pushed into a van, lying on the rough floor, and had my hands tied so tightly I couldn’t move them a millimetre. Then they drove around and around, for what seemed like forever. It was mightily uncomfortable, painful and hot.

The hood they put over me… when they did, they put masking tape and stuff on it to make it hold

Finally, we stopped at an empty carpark, and the “kidnappers” finally revealed themselves – of course I knew who they were bound to be. They made me play a futile game of Blindmans Bluff, and pole-dance with a tree wider than me.

Still keeping me hooded, but my hands freed, they drove me to where the real party was. When they finally got me to the place and lifted the hood, I was shocked to see perhaps 20 of my friends, including Zee, who had blatantly lied to me that he was in KL.

It took me a few seconds to realise the second great surprise: I was in a McDonalds. In the kid’s party section. With chairs the size of my laptop and tables lower than my knee.

So I had a most traditional Mcdonalds Birthday Party on the day I become an adult, complete with musical chairs (to the soundtrack of High School Musical), Happy Meals, goodie bags and balloons.

Yes, before you ask, my friends have a very warped sense of humour.

To end my public humiliation for the night, Kai, the evil twisted person, made me wear a bib and drink half a baby bottle of milk.

I am seriously amazed by the amount of devotion and time and effort and money people put into this… I was told some people actually took the day off from work to do this, which is perhaps the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. From the bottom of my heart, even though it was hot and uncomfortable and torturous and painful and even humiliating.. thank you, for all the effort. It really means a lot to me.

Enough with the narration… on to the picture galore of all the things I got for this birthday.

Lost Season 3 DVDs – from Grace and Alina

Razer Pro Gaming Mouse – Death Adder, from Liv and gang

A travelling accesory case from Zee

A collection of beer-bands for various occasions – from Manqin and Cheyenne

Body Shop collection from Chris

A necklace, from N

Bodyshop Pink grapefruit set from Raq

Jess gave me a sock puppet made to resemble Kit, as she appears on We’re Getting Nowhere on AfterEllen, but unfortunately the video that she made with the puppet is not in a format that is uploadable.

Thanks all, each and everyone of you. It was an awesome awesome awesome birthday.. and of course, the greatest gifts that each of you gave was not the material things I have shown above, but the intangible love, the hugs, your mere presence and time.

And last, but definitely not least, to the person from whom I received the most wonderful gift from – you know who you are – thank you.

December 20, 2008 - Posted by | Personal

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