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An Attempt at Blog-CPR

Yes I know I haven’t been updating much. Firstly, my reluctance against personal blogging inhibits pretty much anything I could say, given all the whirlwind things that have been going on in my life.

Secondly, I’m trying my best to be really focussed this semester – what with public and equity and LCS draining my life. How three modules seem like a lot more work than 4 modules is anyone’s guess. To blog about non-personal inconsequential or serious things seem like a waste of time when it seems to me that I might be making no difference in trying to air certain issues, whatever they might be. In this vast world of blogs, who cares about what one lone law student has to say about any given issue?

But I am going to try to keep anyone still reading this blog  (are there any of  you besides people finding my blog through google searches for pictures?) entertained with occasional updates. I highly suggest you subscribe through RSS or email (see sidebar) so that you don’t have to keep checking back and be disappointed that I didn’t update.


February 1, 2009 - Posted by | Personal

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