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Grey’s Is Gay Again?

Yes, I am still following this show. So sue me.

*spoiler alert for people who aren’t up to date*


In the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, S5 E14, Callie, now has a new love interest – Arizona Robbins, a bubbly blonde peds surgeon.

So, how, why, where, when? Arizona came out of the woodworks a few episodes ago when they started this multi-episode arc about a dying boy who needed new intestines and a liver (and a serial killer inmate… but lets not sidetrack). We don’t know much about her, except that she is one strong woman in being in pediatric surgery, losing kids all the time. And that she is bubbly and talks about valentine’s day and hides her pain well.


Callie is still upset about Erica leaving, and being alone and single. At the end of the episode, they are all at Joe’s, and she goes off into the bathroom to cry, and Arizona follows her in after a while. She tells Callie that she knows things about her, that people talking about her isn’t a bad thing, and that when she is done being upset, there would be people lining up for her. Callie snorts disbelievingly and asks Arizona to give her some names – at which, Arizona leans forward and kisses her, saying “I think you know”, leaving behind a very shell-shocked Callie.


Now, I had actually seen this coming a mile away, because I read a network release saying Callie was going to be in a dedicated lesbian relationship. I assumed it must be only Arizona, because she was the new single female on the block. But I am not complaining – except for wondering why she looks a lot like Erica Hahn in some ways. Callie must really love her blondes…

If this keeps up, and isn’t cancelled before the season ends, I might actually like Grey’s Anatomy again.

P.S. Omg, I just realised that Jessica Capshaw is the same actress who Nadia Karella in Season 4 of The L Word, Bette’s TA/one-night-stand. No wonder they got her to play gay. And no wonder Arizona looked so darn familar.

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