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Music Discovery: Battlestar Galactica

I’m currently in a soundtrack craze – the (usually) instrumental, original composition accompaniment to TV shows, games, movies etc. I started off with the Wrath of the Lich King soundtrack – of course, playing the game, I fully enjoyed listening to the tracks outside the game setting, and be able to give it my full attention as opposed to it being a minor background whining while I try to kill monsters – it is as good, maybe as good as the Burning Crusade soundtracks.

Then I hit up the Lost Season 3 soundtrack – I have always loved the amazing composition in Lost, which has on occassion made me cry on certain tracks, and fear for my life on the next. The tracks are highly effective at setting the mood on the show. However, sitting down and giving the entire soundtrack a thorough listen, I found it a little one-tune and repetitive – Michael Giacchino tends to reuse the same couple of themes and give it different twists. Which, in the setting of the show, is not too bad, because it gives a very consistent mood and musical branding. But it is not that great to listen to at one shot.

Then, on the recommendation of Jason, I tried the Battlestar Galactica soundtrack. Now, I have not watched Battlestar Galactica before, though I plan to, during the holidays. But I listened to all three seasons plus the mini-series, and I found the composition nothing short of amazing. Even without watching the show and getting the emotional resonance of it (like I do with Lost and WLK), I highly enjoyed the experience. There are decidedly Indian, Middle-eastern and African influences on the composition as well, with excellent use of drums. The music is also a lot more diverse and fun to listen to – while maintaining the musical branding overall. 5 stars for the BSG soundtrack!

This soundtrack craze is likely to continue, because I find soundtracks great background to do work to – much less distracting than normal music, because there are no lyrics and it is lot less jingly. So, if I discover more good ones, expect more reviews on them.


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