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Clearly God Hates Me

The hypothetical God that is. Clearly, he/she/it/alien is not done making my life miserable in the big ways, he has to do in the small ways too.

After the public law assignment, because of which I slept a total of 5 hours in two days, I was slammed with the equity assignment. During the meetup to do the assignment, I decided to go out to Mr Prata for a quick bite because I was starving. On the way, my shoes broke. Yes, that’s my second pair of shoes to break this month, which tells me I need to get off my lazy ass and actually buy new shoes (I’ve developed a fatal laziness for real-life shopping and I’ve been too disinterested to online shop for the past two months). I get there barefoot, order a prata, and within five minutes, it starts to rain like cats and dogs.

I finish my prata and wait for as long as I can, but the rain wouldn’t let up and the clock was ticking for the assignment. Bravely, I take my shoes into my hands, and run barefoot all the way from Mr Prata back up the hill to the school building, getting completely wet in the process.

And my Supre spree got cancelled this week, and both dresses from Supre that I wanted went out of stock by the time I found an operational spree.

Are you done yet, hypothetical God? Or am I going to slip and fall on my ass in the bathroom tomorrow?

February 28, 2009 - Posted by | Personal

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