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Money and Me

I finally have my finances in order. I have never been one to be particularly good at managing money, what with my impulse shopping habits and lack of self-accounting. That might be surprising to my family, who thinks I am a stingy bore. That is not particularly helpful when I often have to make large purchases on my own on behalf of others (and wait to be reimbursed), neither is it helpful that I tend to hang out with working adults. I can’t count the number of times I’ve approached the ATM and gotten a complete shock at the balance – which, I believe, happens a lot to students.

But day-to-day accounting is tedious and hard to maintain. It doesn’t really make sense to account for that 2-dollar chips I bought. So I got a simple-to-use budgeting software for mac – Buddi.  Now, I have no idea whether there are better programs out there for this purpose, but it has worked relatively well so far in keeping track of my expenditure. It is simplistic to the point of being a little limited, but I guess that’s what I get for free software. Edit: Buddi also has a Windows version, for those interested.

So, finally, I can know the actual state of my accounts, without having to guess in my head how much finances I have to work with, and where my money is really going to.

The bright side of it all? After working out my finances in detail, I figured out I could spree (for clothes) this month (I dont need more makeup for a while and I refuse to buy shoes online). Of course, the irony is that either the places I spree at do not have nice clothes, or the clothes I want are going out of stock. Which, of course, means I save more money.

Clearly, the program is doing its job very well. 😀


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