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A Declaration

This has been itching at me for some time, but due to exams and other things, I didn’t get to say it. This is directed at Thio Su Mien’s statement in the media that lesbians are all abused and broken and in pain.

I am not broken. I am not in pain. I have not been abused. I grew up in a stable heterosexual two-parent family, who both love and want the best for me. True, we have our disagreements, like any other family – but that does not detract from the fact that I grew up in the most traditional household possible, protected and loved. I grew up in fracking India, for god’s sake, and I didn’t hear the word “homosexual” until I was 14, way past the age I already had feelings for girls. No man has ever broken my heart, or turned me down.

You do not, even for a second, “understand what it is all about”.

May 6, 2009 - Posted by | LGBTQ


  1. The lack of general knowledge and perpetuation of such damnable stereotypes among even the supposed “elite” of Singapore strikes me as astounding – and abjectly asinine.

    Comment by Ambrose | May 7, 2009 | Reply

  2. hear hear. i would love to meet up with the likes of tsm and have her counsel me. and see how ‘fixed’ i become after her treatments.

    Comment by gambit | May 11, 2009 | Reply

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