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My Letter to the Forum

This is possibly my first letter to the forum that has been published – albeit on the online edition. It has been soooooo edited down, it is not even funny.

See Forum letter “Supporting gay rights does not make one gay

I REFER to Dr Thio Su Mien’s letter on Monday, “Gay activists a key constituency of Aware”.

I was at the Association of Women for Action and Research’s extraordinary general meeting from start to end.

Gays did not comprise a numerical majority at the meeting. Being a supporter of rights for gay people doesn’t make one a homosexual, lesbian or homosexual activist.

I support the Palestinians’ right to live their lives without a wall dividing their communities, but that does not mean that I am a Palestinian. Nor am I a Palestinian rights activist.

I am not sure why Dr Thio calls the supporters of the old guard “sexually challenged”. Does she mean they are somehow physically or psychologically sexually impaired?

Just because I was a “vocal and vociferous supporter of the old guard”, does that make me sexually challenged?

Indulekshmi Rajeswari (Miss)”

See original:

I refer to Dr Thio Su Mien’s letter on 18th May 2009.

I was at the AWARE EGM from start to end. Firstly, possessing a much better “gaydar” than Dr Thio Su Mien and being much more familiar than her with those people who call themselves gay activists, I can confirm that the hall was not full of them. They were definitely present, but they were nowhere near the numerical majority nor a chief constituency.
Secondly, being a supporter of rights for gay people neither make one homosexual/lesbian nor a homosexual (rights) activist. I personally support rights of the Palestinians to live their lives without a wall dividing their communities – a somewhat controversial position (depending on who you ask) that makes me neither Palestinian (unless my parents have lied to me all my life) nor a Palestinian Rights Activist.
Thirdly, there is a line between “gay-neutral” and “promoting homosexuality”. A dictionary can easily help divine the line between the two, should anyone be confused.
Fourthly, I am not sure why Dr Thio calls the supporters of the old guard “sexually challenged”. Does she mean they are somehow physically or psychologically sexually impaired? Is Dr Thio secretly the physician for all these “vocal and vociferous” women, in order to know this intimately personal information about them? I was a “vocal and vociferous supporter of the old guard” – have I been sexually challenged all this while and did not know about this until a lawyer mass-diagnosed me through a forum letter? I am very confused, and somewhat insulted.
Fifthly, anal sex per se is not against the law – the old s377 of the Penal Code was repealed in February 2008. Unless there is a top-secret statute that makes it illegal (which only Dr Thio seems to know of), I believe consensual heterosexual anal sex is very much legal now. Perhaps Dr Thio refers to s377A – that would refer to all sexual contact between men, not just anal sex.

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  1. gay people are my favorite,
    penny stop hogging the vag, send some my way


    Comment by tim mullis | August 21, 2009 | Reply

  2. Just wanted to vociferously praise your writing Pleinelune – I have stumbled onto this site after a marathon 5-hour journey which began with me watching John Pilger documentaries, before moving onto Democracy Now (which ran an article about Thio Li-Ann), and finally your rebuttal of Ms. Thio’s disgraceful, fearmongering parliamentary speech in 2007. Whereupon I’ve spent the past hour reading various posts of yours. In my first year in Singapore I somehow found myself surrounded by a lot of people with very strong views on homosexuality (although perhaps on second thoughts it is a topic that inherently polarises most). I often wonder what is responsible for the strength of their (negative) views, and find myself thinking of Col. Frank Fitts from American Beauty…
    It intrigues me that as a heterosexual male people are often taken aback by my support for “gay rights” (“but what if your son is gay?” they ask me, horrified!). Your writing – rational, balanced, not to mention humorous – is exactly what is needed, and I feel greatly relieved to realise that such sage thinkers do exist within Singapore.
    And thank you for posting the above – it reopened my naive eyes to the sort of censorship and dumbing down that takes place daily in the Singapore media. They really butchered what was an excellent letter…
    Keep up the good work

    Comment by gibbs | October 20, 2009 | Reply

  3. The thing that would certainly be good with this site is if you made it possible to subscribe to discussions that you create; Is this possible?

    Comment by ayecyiwYjs9 | May 19, 2010 | Reply

    • That’s in the hands of wordpress, not mine.

      Comment by pleinelune | May 27, 2010 | Reply

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