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The Deadbeat Mum

[background: my best friend and I consider ourselves “married”]

Me: I am getting a cat!

Nan: Ooo! A kitty? OMG! i demand the rights to co-own him!

Me: My sister will contest your claim to that.

Nan: I am your wife, I get priority over your sister.

Me: Co-owning means co-cleaning, co-feeding…

Nan: nahhhh. i just want the bragging rights.

Me: if we are to have this child, i am not going to raise him by myself!

Nan: i’ll give you child maintainence money xD

Me: Keep your money. This cat doesn’t need a deadbeat mother!

Me: This conversation is going on my blog

Nan: the fact that i am now the proud co-owner of a cat is going on mine


February 4, 2010 Posted by | Quotable Quotes | 2 Comments