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Pleinelune [obviously not her real name, are you kidding?] is a bisexual Indian girl who is also a full-time law student and a part-time activist, a geek masquerading as a fashionista, a full-blown [no pun intended] fag hag, an entertainment-whore and an occasional lover.

She was born in India, came to Singapore when she was 10 years old and has been here ever since. Though she followed a traditional “elite” [yeah, right] education path of RGS > RJ > NUS, she is anything but elite, and anything but traditional or conformist. She considers the titles of “slut” and “bitch” an honour, and one day aspires to have her own reality show where she gives makeovers to women who reaaaally need it.

This blog is a holding place for her thoughts on various issues, be it personal, political, social or otherwise, and hopes that it will never be found by her relatives.

You can also find her on:

You can contact her at pleinelune [at] sayoni [dot] com

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