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This time it is about campus food. Everyone and their grandmothers know about the bad food at the NUS Bukit Timah campus – the canteen that calls itself “The Summit”, when one has to eat there every single fracking day, could possibly lead one to cannibalism as a better alternative.

In the past three days, for various reasons, I’ve been coming to the main campus. Today, it was to pick up some books from the Business School library for the equity assignment. I have eaten here before, and was looking forward to trying the western food stall again (and of course. anything is better than Summit food). But another stall caught my eye – I saw a franchise of one of my favourite restaurants, Cafe Le Caire (operating in Arab Street). It can’t be, I think… a franchise like that would cost about 6 bucks per me– wait, do mine eyes deceive me? Does nothing in this cost more than 3 bucks? Is the signboard playing tricks on me? Turns out it was true, and I was made a very happy woman after eating a shish kebab sandwich (the proportions are fairly okay) for 2.50.

And just yesterday, I had bought a set of Hana Maki (salmon-wrapped rice with a dollop on mayo and salmon roe on top) for 2.50 at the Japanese restaurant in Yusof Ishak House (which would have cost upwards of 5 bucks at normal restaurants), freshly prepared on the spot. I am still standing after eating it (no stomach troubles or whatever), so clearly quality isn’t what they are skimping on.

So, really, what is causing the food at Summit to suck so much? And cost more than the gems I’ve mentioned here?


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Mid-exam post

So I am blogging in the middle of my Comparative Legal Traditions 3-day take-home exam because it is 3am and I can’t sleep, and I can’t seem to focus on Talmudic law either.

Our paper this year sucks – and not in a SLS (omg-Beckmann-pulled-a-major-joke-on-us) way, or a Legal Theory (omg-Ramraj-killed-us-all) way, but more in a stare-at-the-paper-and-roll-our-eyes way.

Having got that out of the way, it is time to whine about the fact that WRATH OF THE LICH KING has been released! And I can’t play, not until after my last paper.  I had accepted the cruel fact that WLK was going to be released during exam time, but on the same time and date as my first paper? I had to send N to collect the game for me.

It is times like that I think the universe is playing a cosmic joke on me.

So while I figure out why Islamic law seems to say you need 4 witnesses for rape, people are already levelling up and hitting level 72 – my guildmates being involved in a race to the 80 in order to get first kill on the server.

Sorry, even I ain’t that ambitious. Everyone knows a horde guild gets first kill on a PVP server. it is one of the constants of life, like needing a loud mouthy black woman around the hospital to get any job done, or knowing the PAP will always win the elections.

Here’s to hoping I finally get to sleep and we all discover what in the world Hindu law says about evidence and rape in our extremely sketchy readings.

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Death by a Thousand Cases

I freaking hate reading the thousand and one company law cases. There is a STATUTE for a reason, people. Grrr.

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Freedom (from) Contract

I am freed from contract, the bane of my life! Whee!!

Once criminal law is done on Thursday, I’ll be free for 3 months. So, my friends, if there are any bombs you want to drop on me, anything particular onerous, or if any one wants to declare their undying love for me (yeah right), do it AFTER May 8th, okay?

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Broken Hearts and Time-Travelling Case-theories

Yes, I know, this blog is starting to look like No Man’s Land. You know the excuse even before I say it. Zixian has been bugging me to blog as well, because you know, I am apparently so much freer than her and I need to entertain her.

My heart is currently broken. The L Word Season 5 just ended, and Lost is taking a four-week break, while they catch up the on time lost during the Writer’s Guild strike. It is not so much watching the shows, by themselves, but also listening the podcasts and the reviews/recaps of each episode, that I’ve kinda built into my working schedule. *sobs* No more Kelka, no more We’re Getting Nowhere, no more Jay and Jack, no more Transmission, for a while. Yes, I’m obsessed with Lost. So sue me.

No idea what is going on in Lost, but hey, all the back-and-forth-ness, and the time-travelling, and the complex timeline cannot be worse than my time-travelling case-theory for LAWR, part of which is the status of Chinese customary marriages in 1972. I still cannot figure out whether a case decided in 1982 about a “marriage” performed in 1957 can be used (Yeah, I know, worse than Lost) and all I want to say is, “screw you Carol, couldn’t you just freaking register your liberal hippie marriage” instead of talking about the sanctity of marriage in front of a panel of judges who I am sure include the distinguished family lawyer Prof Leong who has consistently held opposite views to my (assigned) stand in her publications. *facepalm*

Screw Er Gek Cheng and the test for intention.

At least the nightmare will be over on Monday.

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