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The Return of Lost


I haven’t been saying much about season 4 of Lost after the season premiere, but it is not because it is bad, because I don’t have the time to review each episode if I am going to be saying something about it. Yes, I am OCD that way.

So far, it has been absolutely awesome and mindblowing. The new twists and turns, the conflicts, the curve-balls have been extremely gripping, to say the least. The season took a break for four weeks, and returned on Thursday with Episode 409 – “Shape of Things to Come”. And boy, was it absolutely worth the wait… the episode literally kept me on the edge of my seat, gasping at all the right moments. And trust me, I am usually a dispassionate viewer when it comes to action (I don’t even like action flicks), having grown up with Indian movies – the only thing that usually has any effect on me is sentimental stuff.

409 reminded me precisely why I am obsessed with this show, and if this is the shape of things to come… lemme at it!

The only other series which I was obsessed enough to go on fan websites and read theories was Harry Potter. As I was telling Pirate, Lost is to TV what Harry Potter was to books.

1. Both are incredibly complex worlds set within our world.

2. They have very well-written complicated storylines/plots which have been planned from the beginning and captures the the attention of anyone who loves a good mystery

3. Both have huge followings, a loyal fanbase which takes times to document the plot, characters and clues in detail like this.

4. Both have several layers of meaning to it that the casual audience/reader would not usually pick up, references to mythology and culture – a name is never just a name on Lost, nor on Harry Potter. To give just one example, the connection of Lost to Wizard of Oz, and the heavy allegory in Harry Potter to the King Arthur legend.

5. Both are ground-breaking in their concept and presentation – the world has not really seen anything like that before in their respective genres.

For people who are not hooked on Lost yet, I say, what are you waiting for? Don’t be turned off just because it is “popular” – popular does not always mean bad. And don’t let season 2 deter you – it might have dropped a little, but it sets the stage for season 3 and all the things that happens afterwards. And the awesomeness of season 4. It is actually rare for a show to get better as the seasons progress – most of them suffer from sequelitis after a while, but trust me, it does get waaay better, way more amazing.

I shall stop fan-girling now, and come back with a season review in a few weeks. Till then…. get Lost!


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Voldemort in Court: Chapter 1

This series was inspired tangentially by the post I wrote, the comparative analysis of Harry Potter, the Holocaust and homophobia. I don’t write fanfiction, this is my virgin foray into the genre. But what happens here is so far removed from the Harry Potter world that I don’t think it even qualifies as one, but rather a parody of real life using well-loved characters. Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and every last wand belongs to J.K Rowling and Warner Bros.

Do NOT read ahead if you have not read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows yet. Continue reading

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