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Review: Sidung Burung

No, I do not speak Malay – but thanks to clever subtitles, I am able to at least provide a cursory review of this production, staged by Teatre Ekamatra at the Esplanade. The english title of the play is “Conference of the Birds“, adapted from the original Persian text of the same name. Continue reading


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Review: The Vagina Monologues

I went to watch this last night with a few of the Sayoni girls. It would be a crime for me to miss this when it is finally playing in Singapore. Eve Ensler’s celebrated groundbreaking play was given a local flavour by director Loretta Chen, produced by Zebra Crossing.

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Review: Theatre Idols Semi-finals

comp-tickets-to-theatre-idols-2008.jpg I’ve been a fan of the work Action Theatre productions for a while now, especially since Hitting (on) Women, so when I received the publicity for THEATREiDOLS again this year, I was naturally excited. After all, Hitting (on) Women by Ovidia Yu was born out of THEATREiDOLS, and I was hoping something for a similarly wonderful experience. Of course, it helps that the dramatised readings are free, hence, extremely friendly to my student pocket.

Pirate wanted to go for both nights, and I decided to humour her even though they were on weeknights, this being her virgin Singapore theatre experience. We had a great time there, and before you ask, the finalists are Numb by Christine Sim, and Catching Adam Cheng by Jacke. All the plays were directed by our dear Loretta Chen, and the event was MCed by Annabelle Francis, who, in my opinion, did a really bad job, and traumatised Pirate forever with her high socks and stilleto open shoes.

So… on to the reviews:

Official synposis: Jacke Chye’s Catching Adam Cheng is a hilarious and heartwarming play about four elderly women who decide to run away from their nursing home to catch Adam Cheng’s concert!

My take: It IS as hilarious as it sounds. The actors were wonderful, especially, and tried their best to turn a script which could be a little draggy sometimes into a fun ride. It is at once both introspective and funny, and heartwarming, with well-developed, lovable, but sometimes rather predictable characters. The main character, Siew Lin, felt too much some kind of Martha Stewart, too perfect and too noble, with not a weakness except her fatal brain tumour. The play itself was just too damn long, highly reminiscent of Harry’s long traipse through the woods in Deathly Hallows, or Frodo’s extra-long journey across Middle Earth.

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The Campaign to Confer the Public Service Star on JBJ

Thanks to the generous sponsorship by Harry Elias Partnership and the student discount, the law faculty was given an opportunity to buy heavily discounted tickets for this play and support a faculty member, Eleanor Wong. Yes, the Eleanor Wong, famous for her lesbian lawyer trilogy, who is practically a lesbian icon unto herself. Perhaps even more famous than Irene Ang, who still tells the media that she is just an unmarried single woman. Continue reading

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