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Quotable Quotes: Freedom of Fashion

Me: [posts article about a campus in USA banning cross-dressing]
Rach: Well if they banned leggings as pants in law school you’d be happy
Me: I am a liberal. I will fight to the death for your right to wear things that are an eyesore to me


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Selling tops, gowns and skirts!

Because I have WAYYYY too much stuff now, I am trying to sell these things off. If you are interested, drop a comment or email me at la.pleine.lune.seule(at)

1. Brand New Forever 21 Fab Skirt with skinny belt in black (no longer available on site) for $21

Tagged M

38cm Waist
54cm Length

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Tights Are Not Pants

I was out shopping at Orchard today with Rachel, and I was at the crossing in front of Paragon. I happened to spot this notice posted on the traffic light pole.

Tights are not pants - Uploaded with the Flock Browser - Tights are not pants - Uploaded with the Flock Browser -

If you can’t see the wording at the bottom, it says “”.

The irony? Two girls wearing tights were standing five yards away.

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I’m on Page 73!

I do know I haven’t actually wrote about what happened at the EGM, even thought I spent 11 hours at suntec, and twittered my fingers out. (To see what I twittered, see here and here).

So, if you are not up to date with the minutaie of the AWARE EGM, you are probably not going to get this. The famed page 73, that Thio Su Mien claimed she was on, and hence enabled her to be a feminist mentor? Here it is. (click to read)
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Two sentences. Two sentences out of an entire book published by AWARE, and that apparently makes one a feminist mentor.

What does that make Gandhi? God?

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Long-delayed Shopping Haul

So I finally got my lazy ass moving and got shopping, because god, I needed to. Why do I even need encouragement to shop?

And I have two sprees on the way. At this point, my bank account is telling me things no lady should hear, but I shall console myself saying this is really 3 months worth of shopping within a single week, and that I shall not shop for even a sock until end of exams. So there.

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New EDM Haul

I made a mass-order from EDM along with Zixian and Rachel, mainly because my foundation supplies were running dangerously low. We got the super personal custom kit (12 full-size items) for 50 USD, with an added free sample kit (6 mini items). Luckily, at the time we ordered, there was a promotion going on in honour of the Presidential Elections, and we got 15% off the entire order, a full-size blush and eyeshadow, and a lip frosting.

So, for 92 SGD in total including direct shipping, we got this.

Can you say bargain?

The haul is sorted into piles – from left to right, Rachel, Zixian and Me.

This is my part of the haul.

“Make it Count” was the complimentary blusher that we got, and it is actually kinda shimmery in real life (the flash washes it out). In the Garden is a GORGEOUS eyeshadow that I regret not getting earlier though I had been eyeing it for some time. No, you are not seeing double, I got two jars of foundation in fear of running out again, and a couple of sample foundations in different shades.

Swatches of my eyeshadows coming soon!

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Hanging it Up

I was in Raffles City basement buying food when I spotted these babies. I think I’ve said before that I use a special earring hanger in the shape of a woman. That kinda broke, it being ceramic. Actually it broke the day I  bought it, but I patched it back up with super-glue. It kept breaking if someone so much as sneezed, though, and I’ve patched it back about 10 times. It was just too tall and imbalanced – I guess I should have thought about centre of gravity when I bought that thing for 40 bucks. The last time it broke, I gave up – it won’t even hold superglue anymore. So my earrings have been in a colossal mess the past few months.

These beauties are 10 bucks each, about 6 inches high, and it is not ceramic, so there is no chance of it breaking, especially since it is so small. The frame is metal and plastic, and the head is detachable, so it is also easily portable.

After I hung all my earrings on the tiny frames.

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