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Breaking News: AWARE EOGM Results – Old Guard Returned (Singapore)

Original post at Sayoni – Breaking News: AWARE EOGM Results – Old Guard Returned (Singapore)

Today was a day to be marked down in history, as the day that Singaporeans realised they are indeed in control of their destiny, as the day they decided to take ownership in NGOs, as the day they stood up against the tide of intolerance and stood up for equal rights and inclusiveness. After a much-prolonged, 7-hour extraordinary general meeting (not counting waiting time), the old guard of Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) were returned to power, ousting the new exco who had all but taken AWARE’s leadership by force.

The meeting was stormy, emotional and inspiring. Many women and men stood up to speak up for the old aware and against the injustices perpetrated in the short term of the “new” exco. Many shocking things were revealed – such as the exco spending about S$90k since they took office (when only authorised to spend S$20k). The depth of their ignorance about what AWARE really did and stood for was revealed, as well as their inability to effectively lead. At the end of the long meeting, the no-confidence motion was passed by a margin of 2-1 – 1414 votes for yes, and 716 for no, and after an extended discussion, the exco finally decided to step down. The general meeting then proceeded to elect back the old guard into power – starting with Dana Lam as the president and Chew I-Jin as the Vice-President.

What was the most touching to us was the number of people – men, women, fathers, mothers,  teachers, students, christians, muslims… who all stood up and spoke up for inclusiveness, the importance of having a queer-neutral sexuality education program, and why AWARE should help queer women in need.

Sayoni would like to join in congratulating AWARE on its historic victory. This is not just a victory for womenm or even queer women, but for civil society in years to come. For extended reports on the events and commentary, stay tuned!


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AWARE EGM Notice – Change of Venue

They have changed the venue from Expo to Suntec.

29th April 2009

To: AWARE Members


Notice is hereby given that:

1. The venue of the Extraordinary General Meeting (“EGM”) of the Association of Women for

Action & Research (“AWARE”) to be held on Saturday, 2nd May 2009 , from 2.00 p.m. to
5.00 p.m. is hereby changed as follows:

Exhibition Hall 402
Suntec Singapore

International Convention & Exhibition Centre
1 Raffles Boulevard, Suntec City ,
Singapore 039593

This notification supercedes all previous notifications.

2.    Admission and registration would be from 12.00 noon to 2.00 p.m. on Saturday, 2nd
May 2009 .

Registration for new members will close once the EGM starts at 2.00 p.m.
Existing members may be admitted.
It is mandatory to show your NRIC for admission and registration.
3. Messrs Rajah & Tann have been appointed to act as AWARE’s legal advisors to attend the
EGM to be convened on 2nd May 2009 to address legal queries relating to, and raised
during, the EGM including the matters intended to be transacted, AWARE’s constitution and
meeting law and procedure.

By Order Of The Executive Committee

Jenica Chua
Honorary Secretary
Association of Women for Action & Research

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Save AWARE! Gender equality for all!

Save AWARE! Gender equality for all!

Please sign this petition, especially if you are unable to attend and vote at the EOGM.

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Fashion or Faux Pas?

This was Heidi Klum’s choice costume for Halloween – to dress up as Goddess Kali. She apparently thought it was very entertaining and original, and so did many people. Continue reading

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Review: The Vagina Monologues

I went to watch this last night with a few of the Sayoni girls. It would be a crime for me to miss this when it is finally playing in Singapore. Eve Ensler’s celebrated groundbreaking play was given a local flavour by director Loretta Chen, produced by Zebra Crossing.

Continue reading

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Shvarts in her Studio

Or when abortion becomes art.

Beginning next Tuesday, Shvarts will be displaying her senior art project, a documentation of a nine-month process during which she artificially inseminated herself “as often as possible” while periodically taking abortifacient drugs to induce miscarriages. Her exhibition will feature video recordings of these forced miscarriages as well as preserved collections of the blood from the process. [Read the full article]

Shocked? Disgusted? Fascinated? Whatever your reaction is, you are probably not alone – thousands of people in Yale and in the bloggosphere have been actively voicing their views on Shvarts’ “artwork”. I put those in quotation marks, because like the (badly written) “artwork” Jodie chooses to display at the end of Season 5 of The L Word, this didn’t really make all that sense to me. But then, I was never a fan of abstract art. Continue reading

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Pop Lock & Drop It

This dude, worship_issach is so freaking phenomenal that I am officially jealous of the way he shakes his booty. I couldn’t do that if I tried, and I am a woman, and been dancing on my own since I could appreciate music

What I found disturbing was people’s responses to his talent – “dude, you are so gay”. Okay, he probably is, and I could tell that a mile away from his photograph. But how is that relevant to anything? The fact of the matter is, boys and girls, that he can out-dance you and all your friends put together. So, saying things like “you are a disgrace to the male gender”, and “fagg boy you are so gay I almost threw up” does not negate that fact. Or make you better than him. [You can say that AFTER you shake your booty better than him.

And once again, it is male chauvinism in action. Society reacts in a certain manner when masculinity is threatened, or when individual males choose to emulate female characteristics. They are horrified that a man would possibly want to give up his masculinity which makes him “superior” to females and femininity. This goes to the root of homophobia, of the straight male repulsion towards homosexuality, as an affront to his own masculinity

Gay much? Maybe, but why is that a bad thing?

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Reclaiming the Night Through My Light



Cheerful Megalomaniac


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Reclaim the Night

Tangentially related to my earlier post about marital rape immunity, this is a cool movement I came across while tag-surfing: Alternative Energy for Reclaim the Night March, which erm, happens today. Reclaim the Night, or otherwise known as Take Back the Night, is an internationally held march protesting sexual violence, particularly against women.

This movement encourages those who do not want to march in the streets to light a match or a candle and take a photo of it to post on your blog. [Especially useful in Singapore I would think, since we can’t march.] Link to at least one other light-marcher, so that it becomes a virtual march.

Let’s work towards a world without sexual violence.

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Ellen Lee and The Great Leap Backwards

I was so incensed about the section 377A issue that I forgot to speak on this other issue – the immunity of husbands from marital rape. Many MPs touched on this issue [all videos can be viewed here], coming down on either side. I am not going to bother rebutting the arguments of those who argued for the retention of immunity, as NMP Siew Kum Hong has offered an excellent argument. And I have just one thing to offer all those people who maintain that marital rape immunity protects family values: wait till you get raped by the man you vowed to love and cherish.

What I wish to speak about, is Ellen Lee’s speech. You can watch it here.

Ellen Lee, from the start, made a cogent, persuasive argument about why marital rape immunity was not acceptable. She even cited a 1998 rape case there can be rape in a marital situation. She made very good arguments about why the women who are the most likely to be victims are also least likely to be able to protect themselves under the exceptions.

And then, in a sleight of hand, she took it all back, and said that married women shouldn’t be allowed to cry rape for vindictive reasons, and hence the new law was valid. She fears a sudden change in society’s views to marriage, and for the victims, the courts are supposed to be there to judge whether the claim is valid.

She makes so many leaps of logic in the last statement that I thought she was playing hopscotch. All the way, she has argued for why marital rape immunity does not make sense, and how the proposed amendments do not protect the women who need it the most – so how does she come to the sudden conclusion that the amendments are just fine? Also, her statement about “sudden change” is rather laughable – laws do not shape society’s views overnight. They mould each other in the fullness of time, in a complex interplay of public policy and populist moves. If we repeal marital immunity, wives are not going to wake up tomorrow morning and suddenly decide to cry rape because he forgot to pick up the drycleaning.

To say that this law should be retained in order to prevent wolf-crying, is to completely ignore what rape is, and the criminal proceedings of rape. Rape is a deeply shameful secret for many women, something they carry around their entire lives in silence. Even if the said abuser is not a loved one, it takes a lot of courage to report him. What more, if it is a loved one? There is much she has to go through – she said it herself, many women are raped a second time on the stand, by the cross-examination, by the media attention, by the people around her who gossip. It has to be proven beyond a shadow of doubt she did not “ask” for it. In the first place, the police will interrogate her to make sure she is not crying rape – they will try to make her admit she “asked for it”, or that she consented to it. After getting through this humiliating hurdle, there are the lawyers, the courts, the media. Many rape victims drop their cases mid-way.

With all these restrictions in the way, imagine how much more difficult it is to report and prove the rape by a long-term consensual sexual partner? Firstly, there is the emotional barrier – they might be in love, unable to identify themselves as victims, not wanting their partners to go to jail. They might be hoping he’ll change, love them better. People who talk about crying foul, have no conception what it is like to be an abusive relationship – and how deeply the victim can be in the abuse. After reporting him, there is the hurdle of having to prove that you did not consent to this particular instance of sexual contact, after having consented for so long. You yourself said this – it is almost impossible. And by your own arguments, we know how marital rape can occur before the wife has a chance to take legal proceedings – so why are you arguing that the proposed changes are valid?

Even if a woman manages to get past all this, and cries foul… is it not the same as a woman crying foul about a non-marital partner? Should we then, take out rape altogether? So that no woman can ever cry foul about a man? It is up to the courts and judges to decide whether a particular case is valid.

Ellen Lee [and other MPs] also speaks about family values: on what basis is it good family values to encourage our men to rape their wives, to treat their wives as chattel until she takes legal proceedings? Marriage should be based on equality and consent, not archaic ideals of sexual entitlement. No one is entitled, even if it is a long-term sexual relationship.

Ellen Lee, your logic astounds me – at least the other MPs were consistent in their stand, being for or against marital rape. How do you argue for repeal of immunity all the way, and then suddenly switch to the other foot?

Oh, I forgot, you were playing hopscotch.

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