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Bluetooth Blues

After suffering with an ageing Nokia 6280 for sometime, I finally got a new phone yesterday, a Nokia E51. It is beautiful, it has a lot of beautiful features, but… it can’t synchronise with my Mac. My previous model had no problems at all, but for some reason, iSync doesn’t support E51.

I can’t use the Nokia PC Suite to synchronise because that only caters to Windows, and the Nokia website doesn’t offer any alternatives. [This is the point where I show a big middle-finger to the bastards in Nokia, and ask them why the hell their mac-using market doesn’t matter to them.]

There are solutions, but that requires money. 9.90 Euros to be exact. Why the hell should I fork out money to make something work that should inherently work on its own?


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I must have jinxed myself by wishing for a Razor Pro Gaming mouse, and Creative headphones for my birthday, because the both third-rate excuses for the implements I were using this far, decided to die on me on the same day. And now I am earphone-less and mouse-less, not an easy thing to be for a person who works best listening to music [especially in the library] and has to use a mouse for raids. Not that I’ve time for raids this week anyway. And I can’t afford to buy replacements anytime soon.
Yet another thing to be depressed about.

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Mandatory Screenshots

You don’t raid and not take screenshots. It is simply not done. Or else, how else do you convince your buddies that you did really bring down Shades of Aran? Okay, I haven’t brought down Shades of Aran yet, but not for lack of trying. Here are the screenshots of my raid with the Budgie Smugglers.

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End-game Druid Healing

Tree Druid in Karazhan

Much has been written about this already, but I thought I’d share my own techniques on how to be a good druid healer, having healed in dungeons for all 70 levels of my career as a druid. Yes, the above shot is of my druid, Polanna, in Karazhan, on the way to Shades of Aran. You can check out her armoury profile here (sometimes I’ll be wearing my feral gear, or some pvp items, so don’t worry about that).

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Digging Themselves In Deeper

When I first read about’s censorship of Lesbiatopia, I didn’t find anything remotely surprising about it. The issue has developed further. I don’t know how many people actually use Digg in Singapore, and might be affected by this. I myself don’t use Digg, never felt the need to invite internet junk into my Google Reader. I figure I’m never going to read 1/8 of what is on there.

Paula also made a point in her post, which is that the internet is dominated and catered for, by straight men, mostly geeks, who have no trouble objectifying women. I concur with her. The Singapore Daily, for example, who is run by anonymous editors as far as I can determine, posts daily pictures of women in various states of undress. And while I do not grumble about that, I have to ask, where are the pictures of men? Are they assuming their audience is entirely straight male, because surely, women (and gay men) blog too. Anyone who has played a MMPORG such as WoW will testify to the abundance of adolescent male testosterone in the game, asking for the female characters to take off their clothes, using the word “rape” and “gay” in the most unpleasant, offensive ways.

I hope that Digg gets the lashing they deserve. And I hope their example will not be followed by local aggregrators.

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I Can’t Believe This Exists

A USB Warmer.

usb warmer

No, not something to warm up your USB thumb-drives. A USB-powered warmer [I acquired it courtesy of my father… you know the random useless stuff they give out from the office]. Holding it, I have to wonder who the hell would possibly need a USB warmer, other than people who travel and overweight geeks who can’t even be bothered to get up and chuck their 2-day old pizza in the microwave and be parted from their computer for more than 5 seconds.

I think this falls in the same category as the bluetooth-controlled vibrator.

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A Divorce and A Re-marriage

I’ve recently divorced my (no-longer) beloved wife of two years, Aishwarya. It was a necessary move, as she was getting old and slow… while I will miss her compact, lightweight 12-inch frame, a new love has already entered my life. Her name is Evangeline, and she is a 13-inch hybrid beauty. I’ve been spending the last two days transferring my assets over to Evangeline, equipping her with all the necessary tools to be as good a wife as Aishwarya was. I found a new spouse for Aishwarya already, but she won’t be moving in with him for another month. Currently ex-wife and new wife are living in the same room [there have been some tensions]

When I married Evangeline, I also got Office 2004, Adobe suit, and a 1 GB iPod Shuffle as dowry. I have no idea what I am going to do with the iPod shuffle, as the capacity is nowhere near large enough to accommodate my songs, and since I spend all the time with my wife anyway, I don’t need a mistress to satisfy my lyrical cravings.

Here’s to the next few years with my new love, Evangeline!

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Failed Experiments

Instiki, for some obscure reason, completely stopped working for me a couple of days ago. Refused to access my stored info.  And the version I  was forced to use instead of 0.11, 0.10.2 had faulty backup code, so I couldn’t even retrieve the data.

Which means of course, I’ve lost my notes for the past month, before I got a chance to capture or print the pages. [I was planning to do it a few hours before it crashed, I swear!]

I’m still convinced that the basic principle is sound though, of using wiki to organise my notes. Which, hence, led me to the search for a better solution. I spent the better part of my night trying to install a local wiki, using PmWiki or Socialtext. Which didn’t work out because I couldn’t figure out how to execute chmod or install Postgresql. I went as far as modifying my Apache though, so currently I have a working localhost server, albeit no content. I stayed up until 3 am trying to do all that.

Then I decided to just screw it, and use the free hosted wiki that Socialtext provides. It has a component to work offline anyway, and has the ability to export pages to Word or PDF, something Instiki was sorely lacking. It is also easier to edit, as it is WYSIWYG editor, but combined with wiki functionality.

As for the lost notes, I guess I must thank the geek gods that it has only been 1 month, and the notes aren’t all that substantial. I can easily get the same information from mugger notes from seniors, and since I still remember most of it, can fill things in. I will consider this a sign from the geek gods, giving me an impetus to find a more reliable solution. Especially as I’ve been scared of my mac crashing on me any day, taking my data with it. Socialtext can preserve my data even if my baby decides to go into the light one day.

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