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Sayoni Hot 20 List 2008!

Go Vote!!

I worked long and hard on it, so you all better vote. And, this is completely my personal bias because I don’t like her, please don’t let Rebecca Tan win. I might have to kill myself if she does.

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Review: Ironman

*Blows the dust off the blog and starts to cough*

Okay, sorry. I’ve been rather occupied. I don’t even go online all that much anymore. But to breathe life back in here, let me start with a review of Ironman, which I watched with M last Saturday because Made of Honor, featuring Disney heart-throb Patrick Dempsey, only had tickets left in the front row.


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Tweets for Today

  • 10:51 Cruising along in a houseboat along the Alapuzha river, as wide as ten expressways put together and twice as long. #

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Repeal 377A: revised

The earlier petition was a test, and this is the new and confirmed link:

Please spread it around to your friends.

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Yes, I am starting again, and please don’t ask why. I don’t know either. Not that I am going to reveal my inner secrets here, or talk in the least about my private life, so if you have come here to know who I am dating, you can close the window. The same principle for Used Brains for Sale applies. What I write for Sayoni and PLUME is satisfying, but ultimately it is a small portion of my thoughts, and I need somewhere to talk about non-queer stuff.

So here it is – the dumping ground for pleinelune’s thoughts.

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